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kids - 04/24/02 05:54 AM

I've read alot of posts about the club scene. Any advise for families with kids under 14 from those who have been about activities, what to see, do, where to stay? Much appreciate
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: kids - 04/24/02 03:40 PM

My kids have been coming to San Pedro since the younger was 4 or 5 (they are now 18 and 13). They both love the island. It's their favorite place in Belize, and since I'm a travel writer covering Belize they have seen nearly all of it.

They especially like walking around San Pedro town and doing things on their own. My only concern about that is that car and truck traffic has gotten so much worse in recent years that I worry about them getting hit on the narrow streets. There's also the matter of them being offered drugs and alcohol, but I trust them on that.

My advice:

* Stay a place with a pool. Cable TV can help, too, and many hotels have it.

* Consider one of the condotels which offer more space than a hotel. We especially like Villas at Banyan Bay which attracts lots of families, but Banana Beach, The Palms, Paradise Villas and others are also great.

* On a first trip at least, my suggestion is not to stay on North Ambergris, but many people would disagree, and there are some great family-oriented places north such as Belizean Shores.

* Most of what there is to do on the island is of the "make your own entertainment" variety -- beach and swimming, walking around, meeting people, exploring.

* There are great day trips to the mainland, most of which kids enjoy though some are tiring for smaller children. I alwasy recommend that if time permits visitors split their time, part on the mainland (usually Cayo for a first trip) and the cayes, to get the most from what Belize offers.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: kids - 05/02/02 04:31 PM

We just got back from Belize last week and our 10 yr. old daughter had the time of her life! We spent our first 5 days in Cayo, spending a couple of nights at the Aguada and going to Tikal and Barton Creek Cave. We then spent a few nights at Pook Hill Lodge for the jungle experience. It was great hiking and horsebackriding in the jungle. The next 6 days were spent on AC. We stayed at the SunBreeze Hotel in a deluxe room with a refrigerator. It worked well for us because it was centrally located, had a great pool, cable TV, and I was not going to cook! Rubies is right around the corner for early morning coffee and great cinnamon buns. BC's is right next door for great drinks and burritos where the kids will feel comfortable (some of the kids from the Island Academy stop by to drink a soda on their way home from school).
We rented a golf cart one day and drove all over the island. We snorkled at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley one day and to Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos another day. Both are great for kids. If someone was not sure of themselves in the water they had the option of using a life vest around their waist. We used the water trampoline at Barefoot Watersports another day. We wanted to go kayaking but didn't have time!
We did go to Fidos at night to hear Category 7 play and our daughter loved it. There was another family there as well. We also stopped in at Sharks Bar another night where the kids can watch the sharks.
There is so much to do at such a relaxed pace. Your kids will love it there. My daughter was scouting out which condo complex we should consider for our vacation home! My daughter's favorite restaurants were Papi's Diner, Caliente, Blue Water Grill, Mangos as well as Celi's Deli and Mannelly's for ice cream and other goodies.
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Re: kids - 05/02/02 06:18 PM

Great trip report Nance, oh yes, another KID had a grand time. My kids love Sunbreeze too, so they can cruise Front street for food and ice cream. They too loved dropping in at Fido's each night with us.
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Re: kids - 05/02/02 06:40 PM

glad to hear it, nance. we leave for belize, with kids in tow, june 8th. 3 days cayo, 5 AC.

i will report back how little ones do.
Posted By: Nance

Re: kids - 05/02/02 09:48 PM

I FORGOT TO MENTION THE ZOO!!!!!!! We stopped there after we landed and on the way to Cayo. It's the perfect place to start a vacation, especially if heading to the jungle. You get to learn all about the birds and animals you will be seeing during the vacation. It was small, but great. We spent over 2 hours there in the afternoon heat! It's a good thing the Aguada has a pool and lots of Belikins!!!!!!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: kids - 05/06/02 02:48 PM

this is a good idea. we were gonna hit it on the way out, but first day might be good, if we arenn't too tired. get the kids charged up for the drive.
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