Food and Beverages from Home

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Food and Beverages from Home - 04/25/02 03:41 PM

I know I am the one concerned initially about all the night life and clubs to hit while on AC, but what if we choose to stay in at the home we are renting for an evening? Is there a grocery store and/or liquor store that can accommodate visitors on AC? I am sure that we will be interested in eating breakfast/lunch at our place as well, any suggestions/advice from you veterans?

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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/25/02 03:54 PM

For a fix-it-yourself meal, head to one of the groceries. Island Grocery on Coconut Drive (tel. 501-226-2972) south of town is the biggest. Rock's on Pescador Drive (tel. 501-226-2044) in town and San Pedro Supermarket (tel. 501-226-3446) at the north end of town are handy, too. In addition there are a number of smaller shops selling some groceries in town and south of town. Don't expect a Publix or Kroger’s, but most items you'll need are available, at a price (often 50 to 100% more than in the U.S.) The groceries sell beer, booze and some wines, but for the cheapest deal on Belikin, Lighthouse or Belikin Stout, have the local Bowen warehouse (San Pedro Distributors, tel. 501-226-2142) on Coconut Drive bring you a case. Regular Belikin is under US$20 a case, plus a refundable $3 deposit on the bottles and case. You can get soft drinks and bottled water, too. Cokes are about US$9-$10 a case, plus deposit. For wine and cheese, Divine Wine on Pescador Drive (tel. 501-226-3430) with the same ownership as Sweet Basil, has a nice small selection. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available from vendors on Barrier Reef Drive, and Patty’s on Pescador Drive (tel. 501-226-2388) has good selections most days and will deliver to your condo. La Popular (two locations) is a good bakery.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/25/02 03:59 PM

Thank you so much for your help--you have supplied a great deal of information.
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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/25/02 05:14 PM

Don't miss the fresh-sqeezed orange juice from the stand right in front of the San Pedro Supermarket north of town!
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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/25/02 05:28 PM

Don't miss the many flavors of ice cream at Manalley's in town just north of Fido's.
I think our family of 5 spent $75.00 there over 14 days...........yummy
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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/27/02 04:55 AM

Does anyone know how I could contact the lady who makes the Key Lime Pies on AC. I could have sworn I read something about her on the board somewhere. It has been a while, and I am needing a fix.
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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/27/02 07:31 AM

Yeah... I'd like to know this also. My B-I-L wanted keylime pie, so we went to Celis. I think it was around $40.US that we paid for that pie! We wanted it that bad. It was very, very good, and we enjoyed every bite. It became our "joke" -- most expensive piece of pie we have ever had. Don't think I'll be buying another $40 pie, though, so if someone knows a better source, I'm all ears.
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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/29/02 05:21 PM

We're just back from ten days on AC and there were LOTS of places to purchase basic groceries. Fair warning, though, especially if you go to the groceries that are clearly more tourist-oriented (like the Island Supermarket across from the beer/soda distibutor) --- the prices are MUCH higher on most things than you may be expecting (like $18 Belize, $9 U.S. for a box of cornflakes). If you MUST have your cornflakes, Cheetos or Pringles, bring them from home in your luggage. If you're on the south end, look for Marina's Tienda (near Riverview Gardens and across from Antojitos Santelmo). The prices were much more reasonable on every product (including the rum!).
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Re: Food and Beverages from Home - 04/30/02 02:51 AM

There is a lady in one of the new vendor stalls at Central Park who makes Key Lime "to die for". Her chicken,rice & beans and her hamburgers are also great. I don't know the name of her place, but she's near the end, away from Barrier Reef Drive. She is usually the only one with pies and not every night. I'm going 5-11 to 5-18 and will get the name. Some of the locals may answer you also, with a name. Enjoy!
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