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Posted By: CarrieC

upcoming trip - 04/27/02 02:17 AM

Thinking of returning mid-June, who is going to be there? Got a great trip report to share with you.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: upcoming trip - 04/27/02 04:27 AM

11th - 16th
Posted By: CarrieC

Re: upcoming trip - 04/27/02 03:27 PM

Sweet Jane,
You will very pleased with your choice of Caribe Island!!! That's where we stayed and it was wonderful! It was our first time to Belize, and as you can tell, the bug has bitten.
I had read on this message board about ibanole and hoped to meet her there, but she nor her husband were in the country when I was there. Hopefully next trip.
Be looking for my trip report.
Posted By: paluxy

Re: upcoming trip - 04/27/02 03:50 PM

10th-17 at JE!
Posted By: NJgirl

Re: upcoming trip - 04/29/02 05:07 PM

Mata Rocks June 10-18!
Posted By: rdb

Re: upcoming trip - 04/29/02 07:36 PM

We're at seven Seas 12th - 20th.....
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: upcoming trip - 04/29/02 07:55 PM

gela will be at 7 seas also when we are in AC, but i forget her exact dates. did you pick yours yet?

ibanole WILL be there when we are. glad to here the good review of caribe. it is our first time there. (JE in '00, Ramon's in '93)
Posted By: Pegster

Re: upcoming trip - 04/29/02 08:57 PM

Fuzz and the Goose will be there June 10 to 20 at Paradise Villas.
Posted By: Gela

Re: upcoming trip - 04/30/02 08:47 PM

I'll be there from 6/8 to 6/16!
Posted By: madapple

Re: upcoming trip - 05/01/02 02:27 PM

6/5-6/12 @ Captain Morgan's
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: upcoming trip - 05/01/02 02:30 PM

8 of us on AC....Caribe Island....20th-26th
Libations nightly at BC's & Pier Lounge!
Posted By: GetMeOuttaHere!

Re: upcoming trip - 05/01/02 10:52 PM

NJgirl: you will LOVE MataRocks...we stayed @ Banana Beach, next door, but hung out at Mata Rocks (we now call it Mata Hari), and used their chairs/cushions/beach/bar ....owner Terry & wife are nice low-key people.
Posted By: NJgirl

Re: upcoming trip - 05/06/02 05:47 PM

GMOH - Thanks for the thumbs up on Mata Rocks! If I get any more pumped up about this trip, I'm going to burst! Only 35 days left until sweet relaxation...
Posted By: PeterDope

Re: upcoming trip - 05/07/02 02:28 AM

My husband and I just returned from a week. We mainly stayed at the MataRocks due to connections with the owners. Our only complaint was all the other people from other hotels hanging out at the bar-squirrels nest. And listening to drunk girls at night really loudly from your room wasn't always cool.
But other than that, you'll love it, not touristy and surreal like places like Romans village. YIKES. If you stay at Mata, a good local cheap place to eat, is a place on the left past the contruction. Has the good basics of belize. And give the chinese food place across the street a chance.
Say hey to charlene for us.

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