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Posted By: Will-13

New visitor - 05/28/02 09:08 PM

Planning first visit next Feb. - We are family of 5 (2 adults, kids 16,13,7)..Is AC a good place for this type of group? Any and all info. would be greatly appreciated. No expert divers in the group but we all like the water, sports, etc.... Looking at White Sands Cove and Coral Bay Villas for lodging -anybody have any thoughts?
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Re: New visitor - 05/28/02 09:42 PM

with kids, for sure, pick a place with both a kitchen & a pool. i will be back in 3 weeks and let you know how it goes [Linked Image]
Posted By: d-jon

Re: New visitor - 05/28/02 10:30 PM

You can visit the web page to get ideas

I was looking at it and it has some very good tours on it.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: New visitor - 05/29/02 03:33 AM

Hi there Will -13,
Welcome to the board! Iím not familiar with those places you have chosen, but hey... Iíve only been to the AC 1 and a half times. You may want to check into some places our fam has considered as well...?
The Palms Condos, Caribe Island Resort, and Banyon Bay. These are all south and have pools, kitchens, and I have yet to hear anything bad about them in the.... well, just lets say... time I have spent on this board. ;-)
There is also a home for rent on the lodging page, geeze... name escapes me now... (sorry) which also has a plunge pool which would be cool. But then again your kids are gonna want to be around their own probably.
Our first time on the Island was North, with two kids 13 & 16.... private home with a huge pool.... Not gonna get into details, but wish we had done a condo, resort, or a smaller home south! The kids absolutly LOVED town, the nightlife, everything!!!
AC is a great place... just be careful as you would anywhere else. If youíre not just trying out a family bonding thing... I would go for where your kids would be most happy.
Have a great time!!!
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