Diet Coke

Posted By: teacher

Diet Coke - 05/10/02 08:41 PM

I'm an addict...and somewhere I read (maybe it was even on this message board) that either it wasn't available on AC or that it was different, or really expensive.

Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Posted By: Gela

Re: Diet Coke - 05/10/02 08:48 PM

Teacher, it's nice to meet a fello addict. I have found "coke lite" in AC. It's a slightly different recipe and it is bottled by the local coca cola plant I believe. It's pretty close (maybe a few more calories than DC) and I managed my addiction quite well the two times I was there last year.
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Re: Diet Coke - 05/10/02 08:51 PM

debbie sent me an interesting internet article this week that is linking the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas to multiple sclerosis, inner ear imbalances & other fun stuff. none of it has been proven, to my knowledge. it said the fda is suing monsanto, who manufactures it.

i do not know how real it is either.

just passing it on....
Posted By: KC

Re: Diet Coke - 05/10/02 09:08 PM

That bunk about aspartane has been around for years. I'm not saying it is GOOD for you, but what they are claiming is false.

Go to
for a full explanation, and links to peer-reviewed journals concerning this subject.


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Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/10/02 09:38 PM

Just got back from AC and Diet Coke is available from the local distributor (as "Coke Lite"). Cost, I think, was $18.50 American for 24-20 oz. plastic bottles (and $2 American for deposit on the case). Tastes a little different than the Diet Coke we get in the U.S. but not far enough off that you would notice it much. For those of you who prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke (and I'm one of them), we DID find cans of Diet Pepsi at both the larger and smaller stores but we never found them as anything but individual cans at about 75 cents - $1 American each.
Posted By: Happy Man

Re: Diet Coke - 05/10/02 09:57 PM

Good God people, are you living under some rock? Better do more research on the toxic effects of Aspartame before you make a dangerous claim as the product. Is has been proven to be toxic, end of story.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Diet Coke - 05/10/02 10:59 PM

we never touch artificial sweeteners.

but i will die from ingesting partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.
Posted By: susangg

Re: Diet Coke - 05/11/02 02:04 AM

Why would anyone drink soda pop when they could have fresh lime juice?
Posted By: KC

Re: Diet Coke - 05/11/02 04:44 AM

yeah, yeah. Nearly everything is toxic in large enough doses. But that "thumper" thing, et al... now that really works wonders. And since this is the board that is supposed to be about Ambergris Caye, that will be the end of the story for me.

Kathy, who is wasting no more time or bandwidth, when I need to be thinking about packing for Paradise.... [Linked Image]
Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 01:37 PM

DR. Glen, please give it up. On another thread it's "don't drink the water on AC because it's chlorinated and deadly" (by the way, I thought it tasted pretty darn good on a hot day). Here it's don't drink the Diet Coke because it has aspartame and it's deadly and we're too stupid to know it. Good Lord, wait until he gets to the rum, the conch and the silica particles in the air. If life has to be spent fearing everything we eat, drink or breath then let me live a short but happy life. (Without cymatic therapy, mini-thumpers or other pseudo-science "enhancers".)

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 03:47 PM

Jeez, I'm sorry about that chlorine comment. It should have been "heavy chlorine taste" not "content". And I should know better, because one of my companies has been in the water treatment business for 20 years.

At any rate, as most of you suspect, my liver is already shot, ditto for the kidneys, I have no heart (just ask the kids), and I MOST CERTAINLY hope that I have no unborn children.

To the issue: Coke Lite is an adequate replacement for Diet Coke, or at least that is SWMBO's humble opinion.

Posted By: Happy Man

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 04:14 PM

Careful, your intelligence is showing again.

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 04:40 PM

Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 04:55 PM

DR. Glen - None of us has challenged your intelligence. However, the same cannot be said for you ---"Good God people, are you living under a rock?" I would say is a challenge to our collective intelligence. Since you hold yourself up as a DOCTOR I suspect you place great value on advanced degrees and I would guess there are more people on this board with them than in the general populace. If I remember a comment correctly from you last week you stated that we were (to paraphrase) basically not worthy of your presence so you were gone --- "adios". We can only hope...

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Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 05:22 PM

(jane struggles to contain her laughter)

i have seen chooch's intellect in person, and i thought it was big. (intellect, friends!) but we aren't making personal attacks, here, right?

heck, glen, we tried. honey, you lost me at "i am a child of god, how could..." (can't find the original quote).

like any of us aren't, and that didn't help jesus all that much, did it? and weren't any of those in the trade centers 'children of god'? did that protect them?

the nice children of god at my synagogue embezzled 2 mil off the congregation. the children of god nuns called my sister in law a 'stupid idiot' at age 10. (she is not, and now very successful), and smacked my husband in school. the nice children of god priests? let's not even go there.

(i have BIG issues with god, and have been dying to dump that for weeks.)

and doesn't it seem that most things that are enjoyable can kill ya. one way ot the other...
Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 06:39 PM

Jane - have to love the way you bring us all back into focus with a wry chuckle here and there. Too much attorney-juice running through my veins, I guess. Second-seated once in a case involving the death of a small child treated by an "alternative medicine doctor". The "doctor" stated, "No sir. I am not a medieval doctor" when asked if his credentials included an MD. Guess DR. Glen got my hackles up when he used very similar phrasing in an earlier post. Your post just made me realize that we ALL seem to have DR. Glen's number... thanks for the smile!

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 07:39 PM


And that number would be ... "impossibly orotund". Been waitin' for years to use that word...finally got the chance.

Thanks as usual.

Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 08:24 PM

random house: (Or-e-tund) pompous or bombastic.
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 08:53 PM

Teacher - I am the addict of all Diet Coke addicts. I can down a good 10 or 12 a day. How's that for addiction !!! Anyhow, You can get actual Diet Coke in cans at Island Supermarket south of town by Ramon's or at San Pedro Super Market up North by the Blue Tang Inn.

Coke lite is pretty comparable to Diet Coke and satifies my addiction. I suggest if maybe you can contact your hotel or place of lodging to see if the local distributor can deliver a crate/case to your room and save you the hassle. Most places will do this with sodas/beer as the distributor on the island has a monopoly on coke products and beer and will gladly supply you. It also cheaper than the grocery stores this way.

Last I paid about 75 cents for a can of the real stuff and less for Coke Lite.

Have one or two sodas in the morning to get you going, then switch to Belikin or venture to BC's Bar and have Ernie pour you the Drink D'Jour and you won't miss Diet Coke at all nor care !
Posted By: cold in canada

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 09:00 PM

I don't drink diet pop because I just can't get past the artificial sugar flavour after taste. If desperate I will drink it but only if it is really cold as it seems to dull the taste. I guess I am just used to regular pop.

I have a best friend who loves the stuff and ALWAYS uses it for mix in her libations! When I visit her she offers me a rum and diet coke! Yuk! Of course I take it if it is all she has! My theory is, add lots of rum and the funny taste won't come through!

I know other people that are hooked on TAB and FRESCA. Just an acquired taste I guess!

I am not knocking others choices by any means, just jumping into the conversation!!
Posted By: teacher

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 09:22 PM

Gosh, I never thought I'd get such interesting and helpful responses.

RobertE--I think you win the award for drinking even more Diet Coke than me! (and trust me, that says a lot!!) Thanks for the GREAT tip on having a case delivered..

How many cans/bottles are in a case?

Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 09:51 PM

24 20-ounce plastic bottles. And he even beats ME for diet soda addiction! That's saying a bunch. Yes, I will probably aspartame myself to death. Oh well, I've been to AC...I can go with a smile on my face!

Re: Diet Coke - 05/13/02 10:00 PM

if i would have known all these addicts were running loose on ac i would have been much more cautious. don't they have meetings for people like you???? lol
Posted By: Happy Man

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 12:48 AM

Don't worry, I am not leaving, and the stupidity of those here is too much. Hey, more Medical doctors kill people than were killed in the Nam War. And, yes you did attack me as you are the ones who decided to mock and ridicule what I had to offer first. Basically, tour ignorance as to what the instruments do is evident as none of you have ever tried any of them out personally, so how can you give an interpretation? Again, I have settled in for the long run, here get used to it. The threads weren't meant for those who haven't gotten past an 8th grade education anyway.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 01:04 AM

pompous arse
Posted By: susangg

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 01:22 AM

I reason to go into sugar withdrawal in Belize. But, there is definitely a dearth of high quality CHOCOLATE which tends to make me cranky. The only places you can count on for reliable source of high quality chocolate is Ruby's bakery (they do that dark fudge cake) and Manelly's on chocolate ice cream days.
But really: Forget the coke and go for the lime juice. It has just as much sugar but its so yummy and the lime will kill any little parasites that might otherwise try to sneak into your digestive system. Lime is a natural antibacterial. If you drink lime juice every day your tummy will thank you! No place in the world has fresh lime juice like Belize does. But make sure its fresh squeezed, not the concentrate stuff. Fresh squeezed lime juice.....AAAHHHHHHH!!!
Posted By: Gela

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 01:32 AM

Well, life on earth can be hazardous to our health. You name it - there's a problem with it. It's a matter of life style choice and living with whatever consequences they bring. Heck there are worse things than drinking diet coke as we all know.
Susangg, you're right - sipping on a fresh fruit drink is much more enjoyable - I wean myself off of diet coke about the second day and enjoy.
Dr. Glen - you originally posted questions about Belize for what appeared to be research to determine whether you might like to live in Belize and practice alternative medicine. So I am confused at your attitude towards those who have posted messages on this board. Don't you need patients (and patience) for your practice? Why don't you hop on a plane and spend a couple of weeks doing some real research.
Posted By: KC

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 03:42 AM

Thanks for telling us just who these threads were meant for. Nothing like an expert coming in to straighten us all out. My dad had only an 8th grade education. He was a very smart man. Unlike some educated @ss****s that I know.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 03:51 AM

"Basically, tour ignorance as to what the instruments do is evident as none of you have ever tried any of them out personally, so how can you give an interpretation? Again, I have settled in for the long run, here get used to it."

Speaking of ignorance, anyone else spot at least 3 spelling/grammer errors in the latest expose from the pompous one?
Posted By: Happy Man

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 03:58 AM

Posted By: denverdan

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 06:25 AM

Hey Doc Glen...
Walk a mile in "their" shoes before ya past judgement on ANYONE!
Ya can't change the world in your big arm chair!
What is that saying.... [#%!] or get off the pot. lol
This is a free forum, (thanks Marty) but if you DO want info, ya best step back jack.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 07:09 AM

You go Girl!!!!!!!! LOL Rick


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Posted By: Marty

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 01:40 PM

Dr. Glen, you may have things to add to the group, and i am not one to question alternative medicine, but if you continue to say all the folks here are idiots, i'm going to block your postings. we don't need aggressive insulting here. there are good ways and bad ways to convince people, and you need to try the good ways....

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Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 01:48 PM

Yes, I'm starting to think "Amos", too. But then there's the cross-reference to his "credentials" on someone else's website that makes me think Amos would have to be more clever than I think he is. With a PhD in "cymatic therapy", methinks DR. Glen has the DR. Ross Geller syndrome. Only I'd be WAY more comfortable calling a paleontologist DR. than a cymatic therapist... To each his own but not everyone who disagrees with your thoughts or methods is an uneducated boor, DR. Glen. If you want to tout your intelligence and superiority you might want to check your spelling and grammar first.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 02:46 PM

i saw this grammar/spelling thing last week, but after my last grammar/spelloing contest with KC, i thought i'd better let it ride.

no, this is no amos. "dr" glen is just like my old friend "dr" jon...a know-it-all that doesn't, but thinks he does. after all, he had a "dr" before his name.

i am still waiting for him to say how many times he has actually visited belize...

or why a culture like this needs his type of therapy when they (in general) barely have money to eat. maybe s calif or fl or az may need him more...

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 02:52 PM


Does that mean if I spent the best three years of my life in the sixth grade, that I'm actually in possesion of a ninth grade education? Hah, and just think all this time ............

Idiot? Well at least now I realize that I'm a "well educated" idiot. Ninth grade!

Posted By: Happy Man

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 03:24 PM

Marty, police your board, stop looking at just my responses.
Posted By: M-A Gaffney

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 04:16 PM

Uh, does anyone recall the first post by Glen wherein everyone JUMPED ALL OVER HIS ***? (I note is has been pulled.) His attitude is easy to understand. Glen, if you care to actually DISCUSS Belize, e-mail direct [email protected] I'll tell you alittle about alternative medicine, Belize-style! (obeah)
Posted By: cold in canada

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 05:06 PM

Hey klcman!!

Post 1. Could you elaborate on this, or make your feelings a little more clear !!

Post 2. I don't understand what the sentence even means never mind find the spelling mistakes!!

Just teasing, Ya know I'm with ya!!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Diet Coke - 05/14/02 07:39 PM

yes, we remember, maryann. it wasn't EXACTLY as you say, but yes, we know. we were funning him a bit. he has no sense of humor and it took off in the wrong direction VERY quickly.

all i said was "call me old fashioned, but give me drugs". and this is what i truely believe. my dad owned a "corner drug store" when i was a kid. if i have a belly ache, pepto, a headache, advil, an itch, benedryl, and they rarely fail me.

the only herbal i use is kava kava. i did not have good experiences with others.

i hope you & he work it out. good luck.
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