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He Seeks "SHE SEEKS FINS" - 07/09/02 09:43 PM

Just wanted to find out how your dives went? My trip was fabulous! Half Moon Wall was by far the most spectacular dive of the trip.. Got lots of pics to share. Lemme no if you'd like to hook up and go do some dives in Monterey. I prefer boat diving this time of year as the vis kinda sucks on the beach dives. Cypress Sea does 3 tank dives on Saturdays.. What say you??
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Re: He Seeks "SHE SEEKS FINS" - 07/09/02 11:12 PM

Dave - you have surfaced! Welcome back. Hope you had a good time.
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Re: He Seeks "SHE SEEKS FINS" - 07/09/02 11:19 PM

I was hoping SheSeeksFins would make it to the party at Fido's but we never saw her. Glad to hear your trip went well Dave. Love to hear more about your trip and see some pics when you get a chance.
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Re: He Seeks "SHE SEEKS FINS" - 07/15/02 09:05 PM

I LOVE YOU GUYS! You're so awesome for tracking me down. I Loooooved Ambergris Caye, loved Belize. I was at Fido's almost every night (and Shark Bar, and BC's and everywhere else too) had SUCH a good time, and was in post-vacation doldrums for the last week.
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