Wedding Anniversary

Posted By: david1960c

Wedding Anniversary - 07/23/02 11:47 PM

Hi everyone. We are new to this board. I have a question that I hope someone can answer. We are planning our 20th wedding anniversary next June and have decided to spend it in AC. We would like to renew our vows on the beach at the resort we have chosen (Banana Beach.)
We want a small, tasteful ceremony. We were referred to a local wedding/events planner and we were told the rededication ceremony would cost $350 US. My question is what does $350 include? We were told they would need a copy of our original marriage certificate & passports and that they would handle all the "paperwork". What paperwork is necessary, considering we are already legally married for almost 20 years.
I understand that flowers & photography are extra $$ so we are at a loss to understand what this covers. Are there specific laws that need to be adhered to?
We have emailed them asking this question. No response yet.
Thank you in advance for any info.
David & Jody

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Re: Wedding Anniversary - 07/24/02 01:27 AM

We might be able to help you.

[email protected]
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Re: Wedding Anniversary - 07/24/02 03:13 AM

You are being scammed (bummer...) What you are seeking to do is celebrate a private committment to one another, an event that has no legal significance to the country of Belize and therefore no paperwork of any kind could possibly be required. As you state, you are already married.
You can structure your event any way you want. The only reason you would need to pay anyone is if you want to hire an event planner to arrange things like a location, a caterer (who of course you would need to pay), etc.
My advice is to find a nice accommodation that has the facilities to locate an event and do it yourself. If you have a lot of people coming from out of town, I am sure the manager at Banana Beach or wherever you choose to stay would be delighted to organize a private dinner for you at no charge (other than the cost of the dinner.) If you want to do something on the beach, the Belikan distributor offers free tents. Most of the restaurants can cater if you want to do a meal under a tent (rather than at the hotel restaurant.)
A lady named Susan Eiley catered our recent birthday party and the food was fabulous and the price great too. I don't know how to reach her but our manager, Nellie Gomez, does. You can email her at: [email protected]
I don't know if Nellie does event planning for a fee or not but she did a good job.
I have heard that Victoria House does a great job on this too...there are lots of places who can put together whatever kind of event you want. But you surely don't need to pay anyone for paperwork.
It bothers me to hear when tourists are being scammed. Maybe the person you dealt with did not understand that you are already married? I'd like to think it was confusion rather than greed.
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Re: Wedding Anniversary - 07/24/02 08:33 PM

I would book flowers and photog myself and arrange rest with resort. Great Island photographer is Miguel Pacheco - you can email him directly at Good luck.
Posted By: david1960c

Re: Wedding Anniversary - 07/24/02 11:00 PM

Thank you for the info.
I believe I was pretty clear in my email to them about the "Renewing our Vows" and being married for 20 years.
Tim at Banana Beach is taking care of the reception. They have a brand new restaurant!

It is just basically lining up a minister to perform the ceremony, flowers & photos (Kay Scott).

The only family we have joining us is our daughter and her friend.
Do you think we can wait and arrange it ourselves when we arrive? We plan to arrive on the 14th (June 2003) and our anniversary is on the 19th. Is this enough time? And most importantly, are there legal requirements to meet in Belize even though we are legally married here in the states?

Sorry I have alot of questions, but everyone seems very helpful and full of advice on this board. We've already learned alot about AC from reading all the posts!
David & Jody
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Re: Wedding Anniversary - 07/24/02 11:08 PM

Once more with feeling: What you are doing has NO LEGAL SIGNIFICANCE to any country, including Belize. The act of getting married has legal significance and legal requirements and legal paperwork. But you are already married. Therefore you are not "getting married."
Your decision to have a ceremonial re-affirmation of your vows has personal significance to you and your spouse but it is a NON EVENT from a legal standpoint. You can do this anytime you want, anywhere in the world you want, with anyone else participating or nobody participating. If you want to have a clergy person participate for some reason, you can invite one to do so and if he or she wants to they will and if they don't they won't. No third party is legally required since what you are doing has no legal significance and hence is a non event legally speaking.
You can have a dinner or not, music or not, flowers or not, photographer or not, etc. etc. You can have it at the dinner table, on the beach, on your hotel balcony, or wherever. Its up to you and your personal tastes and your wallet. It is like any other personal celebration or party from a logistical standpoint.
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