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AC first timers-lodging - 08/04/02 04:38 PM

Hi everyone. I am trying to figure out the best place to stay for moderate pricing . So far have 3 major places in mind. What do you think of Ramone's, Coral Bay Villas, and Belizean Reef? Are they nice, worth the money , active enough , good beach areas, good air vebntilation , nice rooms , comfy beds etc? any help would be great. We are also going last week in September , is that a good time , not killer heat? What are some great must see places to go and best diving spots? Anyone done a Padi certtification there? Thanks again , Dawn
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/04/02 07:11 PM

I always recommend MataRocks. (BTW-- they probably have their pool in by now)Check them out...They have suites or doubles...
E-mail Ana at [email protected]
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/04/02 09:58 PM

Without a doubt, go with your 1st choice of Ramons. Spend the extra $ and go for one of the upper floor suites. You will not be disappointed.

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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/04/02 10:55 PM

thanks sandman . wh ydo you recommend the third floor , ? isd there a great breeze coming in the rooms there ? please some details thanks , also i cant get a price from ramones , how much is it do you know? thanks
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 01:47 AM


1st off, sorry for the size download, it was a quick & dirty web post.

1. It is the 2nd floor, not 3.
2. Yes there is a great breeze, but the other rooms just have a door and a couple windows facing the beach. The suites have french doors that open completely. Just the overhead fan does a wonderful job at night. Unless of course you have one of those no breeze nights, and you've the ac to take care of things.
3. The pool
4. The bar
5. Ice box in the room
6. The pool
7. The bar
8. Coffee machine in the room
9. Great shower & bathroom area
10. cd player components
11. The pool
12. The staff
13. Raking the beach each morning
14. The pool
15. Lobster season beach grills
16. Ramon's dock
17. The pool

Damn, I forgot.

Off season, we have paid as low as $150. It all depends, how long you stay, do you get lucky and they are just tourista slow that period.

San Pedro, Belize
Toll Free: 1-800-MAGIC 15 International: 601-649-1990
U.S. Reservation Office
One Freedom Square, Laurel, MS 39440-3325
Phone: (601)-649-1990 Fax: (601)-649-1996
or Email Ramons @ [email protected]

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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 02:17 AM

thanks sandman but i think 150 a night for the standard room is a little out of our budget , any other suggestions?
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 02:35 AM


I stayed at Ramon's the first time I went to SP and agree with sandman, you have to get the suite, the other rooms are not worth the money. I stayed at the Blue Tang in July and it was great for the price, I would stay there again. Also, have you tried the Sunbreeze, it is nice and right next to Ramon's
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 03:17 AM

thank you patrick , am checking out any deals at the blue tang , can you tell me what you liked , maybe disliked there? was it worth the money to stay there , how close to town is it etc , thanks , d
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 06:37 AM

I haven't stayed at Blue Tang since it was acquired by new owners and rejuvenated and I liked it quite well before all the work was done on it. However, it is a bit pricey now. I'm surprised that you are looking at it, if you think you can't afford the Banana Beach.

Anyway, Blue Tang is in a pretty good location, except that I always recommend that people get a front suite on the south side because the suites on the northside are right by the road.

Have you looked at Seven Seas?
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 07:05 AM

i too say try seven seas. i haven't stayed there yet, but i will in feb and although a little small i hear they are clean, basic and i think all the currently available rooms have an ocean view
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 12:21 PM

hi well i have found the blue tang to be a little closer to town than the banana beach and in fact less money for a kitchenette unit . they also offer one night free.
So many to chose from and yet still no closer to chosing a hotel than i was 2 days ago lol
. With banana beach , how far a walk is it to the centre of town ..
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 12:44 PM

I will let you know when I get back on August 27. If you do not make your reservations by then. I think it is a pretty good, though. From what I remember last year and what I am reading. I stayed at seven seas last year, it was about a 10 minute walk,but I think this is alot longer. But for me, a appr.25 minute walk down the beach is a wonderful thing. I only do it once a year and nothing compares to the sea, sand and the sun. I just look at this way, if you go on a tour they will pick you up at your dock and if you need to get to town in a hurry they have taxis,5bz, other than that what beats a stroll along the beach? Nothing in my book.
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 02:57 PM

My suggestions for spacious,comfortable accommodations for a moderate amount of money would include, besides Coral Bay and Belizean Reef that you mentioned:

Banana Beach
Mayan Princess
Belizean Shores
Mata Rocks
Paradise Villas
Blue Tang Inn
The Tides

Most (not quite all) of these you could get for under US$100 in September. Keep in mind that September is the slowest month for tourism of the year in the Caribbean due to the threat of hurricanes and the fact that families have children that are back in school that month.

Ramon's has some nice units, but they tend to be expensive. The cheaper units in my opinion aren't in the same class as the accommodations at the high-value condotels such as Banana Beach, Belizean Shores and Mayan Princess.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/05/02 03:11 PM

Seven seas has a great website They are full kitchens and they have reduced rates for reservations in low season. Way under a $100. I will be staying there in mid-August. Have read alot of decent things on this message board about it, simple rooms, clean, decent clean pool and a pier. After our week there we are wingin it for the next 10 days. There are vacancies EVERYWHERE that time of year. Good luck & I feel your pain! LOL
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/06/02 12:40 AM

I have 2 off the beach new furnished homes available for short term rental.
Email me at [email protected]

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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/06/02 02:52 AM

Well that's weird. Dawn, did you post another topic called something like "Rubies, Lilies, Hideaway" sometime today? Anyway, I posted a reply, and now it looks like the whole topic was deleted. Strange...hmmm.
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/06/02 04:32 AM

"Dawn" is beginning to sound a lot like Amos. One of the other captains probably thought so too and purged it....

one of his lovely features is he likes to set folks off on wild goose chases. such as "i have a group of 15, 6 are blind, two have dogs, and 7 have no teeth. Can you find suitable place for them to stay where they have vegetarian dining and sit on blue chairs?"

notice dawn is having a mighty hard time making up her mind where to stay, no matter what, its not quite right....

ignore dawn.

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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/06/02 07:57 AM

Hi, We just returned from our first trip to Belize! It was great. Thank you to everyone on the board! We stayed at the Blue Tang and thought it was great. The people that run the place take great care of you. They ordered our beer and soda from the distributor and made travel changes for us, etc etc. The location was close enough to town, and just out enough to enjoy the quiet. The pool was pretty small, but enough to cool off in. We had the front upper floor room on the south, the street was not a problem at all. Didn't cook but the microwave and refrigerator were a must. We got certified for open water with Amigos del Mar. Eddie was our dive master and he was great!!! We spent 8 nights in San Pedro and then spent a week on the mainland and went to Tikal. Would be happy to share any more info. Again, thank you all for all the info. I will be back!
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/06/02 05:06 PM

Corrine, glad to hear it. Question: I remember reading a sign that said "Blue Tang", but now I can't picture where it was? Is it on the water, or more in the middle of town?
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/06/02 06:58 PM

Its old Rocks Inn, I believe. North Side of town, but well before the cut. I stayed there a few years ago (prior to renovation). I hear they had a pool and really sparkled the place up. Very close to town, but also was a bit too busy on the beach for my tastes. Cast my vote for Coconuts. No pool, but the drinks are plenty cool enough for me.
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/06/02 11:28 PM

yep, used to be Rocks....
right where Rubba says it is...
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Re: AC first timers-lodging - 08/07/02 06:01 AM

Hi, Regarding the Blue Tang. . .guess it depends on the time of year as to how busy it is on the beach in front of it. For us, this past mid July, it was fairly quiet. As far as beaches go, I thought that Banyon Bay was a much nicer beach area.
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