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Scuba - 08/10/02 04:07 AM

We're staying at Ramons and looking to do some scuba diving. We've been once before with a short course in the water and then some diving and loved it. We'd love to do the same thing without having to go through long classes, etc., since we're only staying a short time. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we could do something similar to this with decent prices? thanks-
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Re: Scuba - 08/10/02 05:14 AM

you can take the classes at home, get certified, then dive when you arrive.

the classes are all good. every minute helps keep you safe...
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Re: Scuba - 08/10/02 10:55 PM

You could also take your scuba class (course and pool work)at home, as Marty suggested; then take the open water certification portion at your destination. There are several very good dive operations in San Pedro that will provide open water certification on a referral basis. The Scuba diving classes that you take at home will take approx 4 weeks (one afternoon or evening per week) to complete. Many local dive shops, plus many YMCA's, will offer the scuba diving class. The referral certification class at your destination takes two days of two tank dives under the supervision of an instructor. (Just think of this as your first 4 scuba diving adventures.) Hustler Tours, Ramon Dive Center, and Amigo del Mar are three of the many shops in San Pedro that offer this service.

As Marty mentioned, diving safely is the most important factor; and training is the key to attaining this. So give it careful consideration, I guarantee that you will really enjoy this sport.
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Re: Scuba - 08/11/02 01:02 AM

You also have the option of doing the PADI Scuba Diver course. It takes a day and a half to complete and offers a cetifiction that is good for life. You're limited to diving to 40 feet maximum, but you can upgrade to the complete Open Water certification at any time in the future, at any PADI shop in the world.
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Re: Scuba - 08/11/02 01:13 AM

I have a question for [email protected] or another dive shop. I was certified by NAUI many years ago but haven't dove for a very long time. If I was to want to get certified by PADI, would my NAUI cert be of any help? Or would I just have to start from scratch? Also, is NAUI recognized anywhere anymore?
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Re: Scuba - 08/11/02 01:32 AM

Provided you still have your NAUI certification card or the information to get another copy from NAUI you don't need to do another certification course. Assuming you can produce proof of certification the better dive shops will advise that you do a refresher course and a couple of dives with one of their instructors. After completing that you can join a regular dive group under the supervision of a divemaster.

The refresher course and two dives should take a full day but with a good instructor you'll have such a good time that doing the refresher course won't interfere with your vacation frame of mind.

After you've done your refresher course and have enjoyed a few dives you can "switch" to PADI simply by doing their Advanced Open Water course.
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Re: Scuba - 08/11/02 03:26 AM

Thanks Chris - I would want to do a little "refreshing" anyway. I'm not even sure I want to do any "deep" dives. I might be just happy as a clam at 30-40 feet. Any idea on the cost of a refresher course?
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Re: Scuba - 08/11/02 03:24 PM

Prices vary, but we charge $100 US for a refresher which includes some shallow water skills with an instructor, either in a pool or right at Hol Chan Marine Park, plus 2 dives on the reef. Equipment and chamber fee is also included for all our courses.

If you'd like more info please email me at [email protected]
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Re: Scuba - 08/12/02 04:12 AM

Thanks so much for all of your information. Unfortunatly I won't have time to take a course before leaving as we're leaving this Thursday. We might have to stick to snorkeling, or just taking a course once we arrive. Thanks again!
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Re: Scuba - 08/13/02 08:10 AM

I would urge you to do as Kent suggested - take the refresher course either from him or one of the others he mentioned. A two-tank dive will cost you about $45 to $50 anyway. (Am I right - low season rates?) For the extra $50 you get a current certification.
Yes, NAUI is very recognized and you should be able to get verification from them via e-mail or fax if you can't find your original C-card. Your local dive shop may be able to help you. (Then again they may try to talk you into taking the full course again.)
Please don't miss the pleasure of full scuba in Belize for a measly $50.
I've met Kent and he's a great guy. Spending a day with him will go way too fast and you will see things you will not believe.
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