Posted By: deb1022

$$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/20/02 12:33 AM

Anybody know of a better price than $60 aday to rent a golf cart on Ambergris? Thank you!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/20/02 02:49 AM

see your other post. i answered you there. i think others did get some better prices, but i can't remember where.
Posted By: paluxy

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/20/02 03:11 AM

We rented ours from the place by the airport, too much rum, i lost a few brain cells while we were there I cant remember the name! We rented them several different times while we were there it was always apprx $60 except for one time she gave us our consecutive day for 1/2 the price, we should have taken advantage of that & rented it for a few more days but we didn't. I know it was during the week as well, cause they won't give that $ on the weekend. Good luck!
Posted By: d-jon

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/20/02 04:47 AM

you can rent from Moncho's near the airstrip and it's about US$ 250 for the week.

You might want to pre-book this.
Posted By: SeaJay

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/20/02 04:53 AM

Try Polo's at the north end of 1st Street. We rented one for 2 days for $75.
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/20/02 06:54 AM

I'm sure you can beat this but $40/day is pretty typical. But as everything else, all is negotiable on AC!
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/20/02 04:13 PM

I've used Monchos several times and found them to be very accommodating. Well-maintained vehicles and clean. Rates are competitive. I have paid between $45 and $65 depending on the days and the season.

Try their web site and clink on the link below:

Posted By: deb1022

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/21/02 02:39 AM

Thanks everyone!
Posted By: bush pig

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/23/02 04:51 PM

Carts are us is definitely the way to go. $32 or $33 per day. We rented for our whole stay and just come in and exchange for a fully charged cart every day. They also have the coolest looking carts of all. New clean and tall burly carts with big knobby tires.
Posted By: deb1022

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/23/02 11:06 PM


I was afraid to ask about Carts R Us. I had heard about it but thought the name was wrong. Where are they located? Please let me know. Thanks.
Posted By: bush pig

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/25/02 04:24 PM

Right next to the airport on the road going south.
Posted By: deb1022

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/25/02 05:50 PM

Thanks Bushpig. Much appreciated!
Posted By: susangg

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/25/02 06:50 PM

Functioning golf carts for $33 per day? I have never seen a rate that low for golf carts anywhere on AC. Maybe there's hope yet! Can you please share all details? Location, phone, are you sure that's the right name, etc. etc. for "Carts are Us?" Never even heard of it!
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/25/02 07:03 PM

We rented from Cholos' for $450 us for 12 days.That was for a 4 place 2 seat cart. My calculator shows $37.50/day.
We went to the office behind the new fire station and made him that offer when we flew in and he accepted it,We didn't go to the bar! I would try that with any of them for the best deal.Just decide what you are willing to pay and then shop.
Posted By: bush pig

Re: $$$GOLF CARTS $$$ - 08/26/02 04:40 PM

Carts R Us is right across from Ramons. The carts were the newest cleanest carts we saw the whole time there. We had at least 6 different ones (exchange each day for fully charged cart) during our stay and there were no problems and everything on them functioned even the light and horn.
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