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Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/20/02 09:29 PM

Does anyone know how much a minister charges (in general) for a wedding on AC?
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 03:07 AM

I'm a man of the cloth and I'll do the job for travel money.
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 03:32 AM

A Minister was arranged for my guests who are staying at the Blue Tang and got married on Monday and they charged US$100.00
Posted By: Marty

Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 03:39 AM

also, you could ask Iraida at [email protected],
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 04:02 AM

I have a bunch of cloth!! I am man (hmmm! let me check-Yup A Man)
I am an Ordained Minister of The First Church Of The Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship. Formally ordained by Dr. Billy Saul Hargus back in '75. Billy, of Del Rio, Texas fame.
He may or not be God's Other Son.

Yes there are Ministers avialable and I don't think it will cost you too much. I refuse to give a number in fairness to them as we are all in the same boat with GODDDDUHHH. Amen, say Hallaluwhatever and put your hand upon the radio and say JJJJJJEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSUUUSSS
Please leave us credit card number so we can send you a road map to JJJEEEESSSSUUUSS. Say hallejueh if ya can spell it and say Amen.
God I miss Imus in the morning
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 05:08 AM

Seriously, be generous.
Our Dad raised 5 great kids on the generous donations from the good people, that he gave so much to in their times of happiness and grief.
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 07:19 AM

LOL @ Jim.

Don't give up your day job!
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 02:00 PM

Redheada- I'm so glad to see your post. I've been wanting to post to you. We're back from our weddingmoon and it was absolutely perfect. CM's did a great job. I can tell you the fee we paid, we paid $400.00 and that included everything. The marriage license, the minister, my flower, his flower. I didn't have to do a thing, CM took care of everything. Here is a link you can go to and see some of our pictures Of course the pictures of the wedding are far away because some people we met from the resort were taking them. But our pictures from Kay Scott turned out marvelous. She did a great job. I hope everything is going well for you. Belize, AC is a beautiful place. I was not ready to come home at all. Enjoy your time there.

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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 02:32 PM

I love it when he's in this kind of mood . . .
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 02:37 PM

Thanks for all the info - I am getting married at VH and I am trying to figure where my $900 is going when you break it down. Since this only included paperwork, basic flowers, cake for 4 and the minister - I figured the minister must me the most cost. I suppose I should just pay it and shut up - but it just seems like alot for what we are getting. Either way I will have to pay it - since my decision is made. THanks for the info. Lil - your link didnt work. Maybe try again - I would love to see. :-)
Posted By: KC

Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 05:15 PM

WOW! Assuming $100 is going to the minister, that leaves $800 for a cake and flowers? (Is there much "cost" to paperwork? I am thinking maybe a few dollars in fees, but...)
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 05:19 PM

Is that $$ amount in BZ or US ?

You could ask for an itemized list.

Ahhhhhhhhh.....but what a beautiful setting it will be.
[Linked Image]
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/21/02 06:26 PM

I'm planning to get married in AC next year. From what I found, if you do the paperwork yourself it's about $110US.
If you have someone else do it for you (ie, go to the courthouse file and then go back a few days later to pick up license and get it to you & Notary), another $100-$150. The courier service is great if you happen NOT to be staying in Belize City or Belmopan. These are the only places you can file for a license. As far as a minister, I've gotten quotes for about $150. Are photos included in your package?
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/22/02 02:45 PM

redheada- I'm not sure why the link is working, go to your browser and type in it. That seems to work. Sorry about that.

I know when I asked what the fee included, it seemed the marriage license part was around $115-120.00. Then I figured the minister was $100.-150.00 and the rest the resorts. WOW, $900.00 does seem a little steep. Oh and CM was going to through in a little cake for us, but we said we didn't want to do that because we were having that when we got back.

Godd luck. When are you going?
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/22/02 02:52 PM

We are going in Feb. Good point about the cake - I am sure we wont even eat it. Rather have champagne or something. Your pics are wonderful - Kay Scott did a good job for you? I am booking her as well. What time was your wedding exactly? We have asked for 4:30pm.

Some of that fee I am pretty sure is a "location" fee - after all it is a wonderful location :-)

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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/22/02 04:07 PM

We were married around 5:30. It was perfect. When we were there the sun starts setting around 6:00. I don't know what it will be like in Feb.

The pictures you saw on the website are not the ones from Kay. We met some people at the resort and asked them to take pictures for us. I have not scanned the pictures Kay took yet. But she did do a good job. She is great to work with and such a thoughtful lady. You'll enjoy her.
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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/22/02 05:00 PM

Hi Lilwings,

Your link will work if you remove the period at the end of the link and leave a space. Go to edit at the top of your post, and then you can make it good.


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Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/23/02 03:43 PM

this is the voice of experience telling all of you newly engaged people out there that whatever it costs you to get married . . . it will cost you 1000 times that much to get divorced. weddings are cheap.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 08/24/02 08:20 PM

I happen to personally know that the minister fee from VH is $162.
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Minister Fee - Wedding - 09/02/02 08:09 PM

$900 seems AWFUL expensive for those few things. I would ask Victoria House to break it down for you - you deserve to know what you are paying for and how much for each item. I think our wedding was total around $1200, and that included flowers, minister, license, dinner, decorations, muscians, etc.

Good luck!
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