Aerial Photos

Posted By: Beachdog

Aerial Photos - 08/21/02 11:38 PM

I've been trying to find some aerial photos of the beach between Captain Morgans and Palapa, Buena Vista to be exact. Been looking everywhere without luck. Anyone out there have any or know where to look. Thanks
Posted By: tincup

Re: Aerial Photos - 08/22/02 03:34 AM

Haven't seen any, but a few years ago I chartered a small plane to fly up and down the coast. Took many pictures but none of the Buena Vista area north of the 'point' where I ended up buying property. I may have some south of the point. I even considered trying to get the parasail people to take me up in the parasail north of the cut so I could take pictures (they said they'd consider it). I never did do it. I'll be monitoring your post to see if you have any luck finding any photos.
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