What a great place!

Posted By: son of a son

What a great place! - 09/06/02 09:34 PM

Well, we just returned from a wonderful 18 day vacation on AC. Stayed at Seven Sea's for the first week and the Myan Princess for the rest. What a wonderful and relaxing vacation. [Linked Image]

I like to think of myself as open-minded. I have read the post on this message board, pro and con, and went armed with knowledge.

I found the people to be very hospitable and nice. The accomidations to be more than sufficient. And the atmosphere relaxing.

Made alot of friends, both tourist and locals. My wife and I even got diver certified with Hustler tours. (something we had no interest in, we were stictly snorklers!)

overall we had a great experience! As soon as we get all the pics together we'll try to post them.

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Re: What a great place! - 09/07/02 02:17 AM

Awesome! glad you had a great time, looking forward to the pictures!
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Re: What a great place! - 09/07/02 03:09 AM

Why did you move from the Seven Seas to the Mayan? I realize that they can't really be compared.

I've stayed at the Mayan and enjoyed it but have seriously considered the Seven Seas for a future booking. I like the location and the price. I like that it has a pool, as seldom as I'd actually use it.

So any insights you have I'd be happy to hear, pro or con. Thanks in advance.
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Re: What a great place! - 09/07/02 06:17 AM

Now you are hooked! Hope you got Billy as your instructor at Hustler he is the best. Glad you enjoyed your trip.
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Re: What a great place! - 09/08/02 05:10 AM

We exchanged 7 seas for a week and wanted to see some other places too. Had planned from the beginning to move after we had a chance to look around. The people at 7seas were terrific and the rooms were much better equipped than Mayan Princess. BUT ... The beds were awful!! understatement. I did speak to the owner and I left a nice comment card, excepting the bed issue, everything WAS nice. I was told by the owner that new beds were coming. WOULD DEFINATELY stay there again if the beds were improved. I like the location better than Mayan Princess actually.

Billy was our instructor! Vince & Everette were the greatest as boat captains. Diane kept us laughing.

Mickey's rules for breakfast, Papi's rock's for lunch & dinner. Also dos Cocos (simple but good)


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Re: What a great place! - 09/08/02 03:52 PM

Thanks for your info on the Seven Seas. I recently bought a timeshare week there and will be down there for the first time next March. I am curious about the scuba diving while staying at 7 Seas. Are there any dive shops/boats that give discounts or packages to divers staying at 7 Seas? Any dive shops near 7 Seas? Did they pick you up off their pier?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: What a great place! - 09/08/02 07:25 PM

Son of a Son, glad to hear you enjoyed AC much like the rest of us. Belizer too.
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Re: What a great place! - 09/10/02 03:46 PM guys are so be living that lifestyle everyday. It's hard not to love a place like AC. Once you find a place like that you want to stay. well until i can afford it, (retire) I guess i'll have to keep vacationing there.

hey jude...the closest dive shops to 7 sea's is Patojo's (in front of the Tide's) and Hustler Tours (that is who we used) a little further down. 7 sea's has a building on their pier but it's not open. The owner said he's thinking about re-opening soon. The guys at Hustler's will give you a discount if you do more than 3 things (tours and dives) with them. I think just about every dive shop will pick you up at 7 sea's pier.
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Re: What a great place! - 09/10/02 05:52 PM

son of a son, thanks for thinking I live in Belize. Truth is my heart and soul do dwell in Belize, but my body is stuck in S. Texas.

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Re: What a great place! - 09/11/02 07:27 PM

I think I know how you feel...except that we are stuck in Arizona. Belize is the first place I've been that actually has that HOME feeling. (hard to come back to reality!)

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Re: What a great place! - 09/12/02 12:08 AM

Hi son of a son
What room did you stay in at Seven Seas?
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Re: What a great place! - 09/12/02 05:46 PM

We stayed in room #1. Bottom floor, facing the water........great view!
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