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sunburns??? - 09/13/02 05:23 PM

Hi evberyone . Here is a question that has come up. I am someone who burns in 10 minutes and does not tan , i go pink then back to white.... I also cannot stand intense heat .... why am i going you mightask... well because i have never gone somewhere tropical .. I wonder if i will be miserable , or is the breeze cooling , and if i stay out of the sun 10-2 pm will i be ok . I dont want to make the rest of my group miserable because i will be . Should this be a major concern . Thanks
Posted By: Marty

Re: sunburns??? - 09/13/02 05:32 PM

bring lots of 30+ weight sunscreen, and keep putting it on. you'll be fine...
Posted By: Chloe

Re: sunburns??? - 09/13/02 06:22 PM

Marty is right on the 30+.
Keep it on all the time, even after showers in the evenings, then again in AM. Keeping a buildup going.
Also hat and big white shirt to coverup during long periods in the sun and boat rides.
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Re: sunburns??? - 09/13/02 07:10 PM

thanks for the info , i do feel better about the sun , what about the temp I dont mind mid 80s as long as it isnt majorly humid.... how is the temp at the end of september ? thanks again
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Re: sunburns??? - 09/13/02 10:54 PM

LOL! dont forget your behind if you snorkel. i did that once & couldnt sit down for 24 hours. it will help to wear a t-shirt over your suit whenever in the ocean. much of the time there is shade nearby, except if you are walking or boating somewhere.

it will be hot. it will be humid. there is usually a nice breeze.

my 'always' advice: dont look for perfection. you will be disappointed. if you go with an open mind you will be pleasantly surprised.
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Re: sunburns??? - 09/13/02 11:35 PM

rent or borrow a wetsuit or dive skin to snorkel and make sure your neck is covered/protected on boat rides as the sun reflects off the water something wicked and will roast the back of your neck. Just my two cents worth. Make sure to save some rum for me and my band of assorted sots visiting in November
Posted By: mommy

Re: sunburns??? - 09/14/02 02:44 AM

i know how u feel about heat. i sweat very easy and was worried about being soaked the hole time we were there. we went in april a it was great!! there was a non stop breeze, in the eve it gets lil rougher one night at dinner i was trying to eat my soup and the wind blew it out of my spoon before i could eat it. the only time i sweated was when we were in some parts of town where the wind couldnt get to as well. also LOTS OF SUNSCREEN!!! my hubby got burnt real bad he put it on frount but forgot to put it on the back of him. LOL

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Posted By: Enigma

Re: sunburns??? - 09/14/02 04:16 PM

If you have a problem with heat and humidity, then don't come right now. You'd die from heat stroke in about an hour. LOL
It's hot as hell and NOOOOO breeze.

Give it another month or so and our breeze will be back. Then it's bearable.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: sunburns??? - 09/14/02 04:43 PM

Nice gentle breeze since yesterday. If you create a draft through your house and use fans you can be very comfortable in the tropics.
Posted By: Muriel33

Re: sunburns??? - 09/15/02 12:40 AM

umm ok , Enigma says dont come .. the next note says there is breeze hmmm , a litle leary , help!!!!!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: sunburns??? - 09/15/02 01:39 AM

If you plan to snorkel invest in what is called a "skin." You can find them for under $100 at dive shops. Problem with wearing only a T-shirt is the back of your legs will fry.
Wear long loose skirt or a sarong type wrap when out of the water and the long sleeved white cotton shirt is a must. Bring tank tops for under the shirt so you have the option of unbuttoning it, or even taking it off in the shade.
You need a hat with a wide brim all around and a way to keep it from blowing away.
The secret to cool clothes is loose cotton.
Sweat is good – it cools you off. Fans are good but it sounds to me like you need an air conditioned place. I hope you signed up for one. Electricity is expensive in Belize, so you get what you pay for.
Splashing in the ocean or a pool does help keep your body temperature down. Days that I’m not in the water I take a couple of unheated water showers. Notice I did not say “cold water?” I don’t think there is such a thing unless you buy it in the bar with ice cubes.
Have fun.
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Re: sunburns??? - 09/15/02 02:38 AM


What does the rest of the group intend to do? Is it water sports? Is it something you will also be participating in?

You have received lots of good input, but if you won't be on the go all the time, you will have plenty of shade time. What would you normally do in the sun? Whatever it is, double it. [Linked Image]

Bring your sunscreen and use it. Have a grand time. GO GO GO......and enjoy your trip.
Posted By: Muriel33

Re: sunburns??? - 09/15/02 04:53 AM

thanks everyone , NYGal we will be snorkelling and maybe get scuba certified , and hopefully there is air conditioned restaurants to eat lunch and dinner in . i will stay in the shade when ever possible , also i will remember my sunscreen and deet and a wide hat ... although i hear they make great sun hats there to buy ... is that true ? I dont have a sarong but i assume they can be bought when i am there????? As for the room i will definately be thinking AIR !!!!! lol i will bring amodium a.d, spray benedryl, zip lock baggies, a flashlight , gravol, Deet 100%, aloe , and the kitchen sink. any other tips would be greatly appreciated . thanks .
Posted By: klcman

Re: sunburns??? - 09/15/02 06:28 AM

ziplocks - that'll make sweetjane smile
Posted By: Chloe

Re: sunburns??? - 09/15/02 07:18 AM

Muriel, bring your smiling personality.
Also I pack a candle and lighter, just incase the power goes off.

If you do not want to buy a SKIN, biker/excerise spandex/lycra short pants work well, over your swimsuit.

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Posted By: KC

Re: sunburns??? - 09/15/02 11:17 PM

If there is a breeze you won't need AC in a restaurant. Just go to one open to the air on the beach.

Posted By: Enigma

Re: sunburns??? - 09/16/02 10:27 AM

Yesterday and today we have had some nice moderate breezes, not too bad.
I see that Jesse's post was the same day as mine. I don't know WHERE his breeze was coming from, but I sure wish he would have sent some my way! LOL

Muriel, come check it out and tell me what you think. I think you are saying that you have a problem with really hot temperatures.
Speaking as someone that has been acclimated to these hot temps, I can say...IT'S HOT!
I think you will probably agree. LOL

Just do yourself a favor and get something with AC so you don't have to be miserable your whole trip. I wouldn't dream of advising you otherwise right now.
Stick to the beachfront. If there is a breeze, that's where you will find it. There are plenty of restaurants that are beachfront and usually comfortable especially in the evenings. Of course I think 80 degrees is a little nippy. LOL

Have a great trip, and STAY COOL! [Linked Image]

P.S. Buy your sunscreen and some of that cooling aloe gel at home. It's pricey here.
Don't forget sunglasses and a hat.

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Re: sunburns??? - 09/16/02 01:11 PM

We went down with a bunch of friends and one of them was just like you - never tans - only burns, She was concerned but she made it through 10 days not burned and had a great time; Her tircks:

Sat under the hut for the bar at the hotel. Wore a shirt adn shorts when snorkeling. wore a brimmed hat when outside, took lots of 45+ sunscreen. She joined us outside from teh huts when the sun went down and just stayed in the shade more often. And on our excursions - she sat in the boat where it was covered (if available - and wore a long sleeved lightweight shirt.

Hope this helps!
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