How's Mata Chica?

Posted By: Mark Harden

How's Mata Chica? - 10/01/02 06:46 AM

Hello, everyone!

My wife Linda and I had an amazing time in early 2001 on our honeymoon at Mata Chica. It was truly one of the most magnificent experiences of our lives. We're thinking of heading back next year and I'm wondering if anyone has any recent reports about Mata Chica. Also, does anyone have any reports on Portofino, which opened up since we were there? Anything new to pass along about San Pedro?

This message board was a great help to us when we flew out in '01. Thanks in advance for your help.

Posted By: KC

Re: How's Mata Chica? - 10/01/02 05:04 PM

I don't think Mata Chica has changed any since you were there.

Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: How's Mata Chica? - 10/01/02 06:50 PM

Up at the top of the on "Search" and do a search on the two resorts.
This should give you any current info available.

Have a great trip! smile
Posted By: kailani

Re: How's Mata Chica? - 10/02/02 12:44 AM

Mata Chica has not changed since you were there.
Posted By: Marty

Re: How's Mata Chica? - 10/02/02 03:04 PM

Mata Chica is rad. I really like Portofino too.
Posted By: Mark Harden

Re: How's Mata Chica? - 11/01/02 07:29 PM

Thanks for the updates, all. Any opinions on Portofino?
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