5 Best Restaurants

Posted By: SeaMolly

5 Best Restaurants - 10/06/02 08:52 PM

Planning to visit AC in December for the first time. Interested in opinions as to what the 5 best places to eat are based on quality of food rather than price. Esp interested in seafood and better regional fare. Thanks!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/06/02 11:06 PM

Estels, Papi's, Reef, Elvi's, Street Vendors,
Posted By: Gela

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 01:59 AM

I would vote for Sweet Basils, Jambel Jerk Pit, Papi's, and for a real treat(expensive) go to Capricorns.
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 02:13 AM

We, that live here, cannot answer the 'best hotel-best dive master-- best restaurant' questions lest we shoot ourselves in the foot. I do know where the best bar is though!!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 02:18 AM

Caliente Caliente Caliente smile
Posted By: Mauby

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 03:37 AM

Best bar???????
well eek
Posted By: klcman

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 04:04 AM

toot toot
Posted By: kellymcd

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 04:16 AM

There are lots of great restaurants in San Pedro, but you will truly be missing out if you don't eat at the Blue Water Grill (on the beach at the Sunbreeze - great seafood), Casa Picasso on back street (ask anyone for directions), Caliente's (great lunches), Jambel's (at the park), Capricorn (a romantic boat ride away). I could go on, but you only asked for 5.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 02:40 PM

Caliente definitely! LOVE that place! Also Estel's for breakfast, Jambel Jerk Pit for good carribean fare, Sharks Bar for pizza and BCs for Sunday BBQ lunch.

I didn't make it to Elvi's, Papis or the Reef this year so they are on my list of places to check out next May.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: Chloe

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 02:40 PM

The answer is: ALL of the restaurants and bars are favorites and the best. They all have something different to add to our vacation relaxation, and fun, and the combination of visiting all of them during your time in San Pedro is a MUST.

I have never gotten the hang of eating a meal standing in the middle of main (front) street. Even tho I came from just down the road from Fistfight, Ky, also............Choochoo :rolleyes:
Posted By: Debbie

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 02:41 PM

Caliente, Sweet Basil's, Papi's Diner, Jambel Jerk Pit and BC's Beach BBQ on Sundays.

Best drink??? Why a panty ripper of course!!!
Posted By: o jackie

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/07/02 03:01 PM

The best is no doubt Papis Diner, the other four would be:Casa Picasso(Italian),Caliente(Mexican),Estelles by the Sea and the street vendors by the park.
Posted By: FosterStars

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 04:08 AM

How in the world has nobody mentioned Rendevous?

the best thai i've ever had. ...and the best meal i had in 8 nights on the island. and i tried all those other places
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 06:16 AM

My Favorites:

Jade Garden
For over-all dining experience and great food.... The egg rolls are to die for and almost a meal in themselves. Not your typical egg roll. Great service and nice atmosphere at a very reasonable price.

Great unusual and spicey food. Attentive waiters and a great beachfront view.

For the Coconut Curry Chicken. Good drinks too!

The Reef
For that comfortable take-your-shoe's-off-your-at-home dinner. Great local food at good prices. My favorite is the fried shrimp with white rice and stew beans and coleslaw. You can get good whole fried fish here too for about $7bz.

Manuel's Tropical Takeout
Fine breakfast and coffee in a newly redecorated restaurant. Across the street from Tropic Air.
Good Belizean food at great prices.

Fantastic burritoes on Wednesdays. Chicken or beef....$10bz It's a whopper burrito with all the fixins.

Sunday BBQ. AWESOME! Don't miss it...nuff said!

Great food....great prices...and truly nice people. Makes you feel at home.

Mr. Lee's
If you live here long enough, you will frequent the places where you get the most food for your buck. Mr. Lee's has great fried chicken with either fries or fried rice for $5bz. It's enough food for 2 meals. Just ask anyone in town where it is.

Celi's on the beach
Really nice for lunch. Beachfront, reasonable prices, nice atmosphere and friendly staff.
I love their chicken strips and their potato salad. The pico de gallo is awesome. I always order rice and stew beans and then ask for the pico de gallo to mix in with it. Closed Wednesdays so they can do the beach BBQ.

Holiday Hotel Beach BBQ
Wednesday nights. Choose either fish, chicken or pork chops. Served with coleslaw, beans, pico de gallo and tortilla. Everybody sits right on the beach and enjoys their meal. Usually starts around 6pm. Oh the way...
If you are looking for your fork...they wrap it up in the tortilla...LOL

New pizza place that delivers. Pretty damn good pizza. Not stingy with the toppings.

Enjoy! smile
Posted By: Savannah Clydesdale

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 06:35 AM

Hi SeaMolly, I would agree with the above recommendations for the most part, but you must have dinner one night at the Blue Water Grill at the SunBreeze Hotel. The food and atmosphere are great, its close to town and you can go to the Holiday Hotel (ask for Kristian) for drinks afterward.
Posted By: Rubba

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 05:09 PM


Capricorns -- (cha-ching!)
Street Vendors -- (grab a $3 plate and a beach palapa/picnic table and yer done!!!)
Beach BBQ with fishing guide Luis Caliz -- who cooked our "catches-of-the-day" right on the beach for us, along with some of his wife's homemade cooking. To die for!!! Anyone know if he's on the isle now???
Posted By: Spyder

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 06:21 PM

If u want a good romantic delious dining experience without the boat ride, u most try the Victoria House. Can't believe ya'll have not tried it!!!! eek
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 06:40 PM

I have to cast my vote also.... like the whole board has been waiting for me... lol!
Definitely BCs for Sunday BBQ, the combo plate is enough for 2 with chicken, ribs and sausage, the best potatoe salad in Belize, homemade beans and flour tortilla.
Caliente, for their coconut shrimp or chicken
Tropical Takeout across from the airstrip, open for breakfast and lunch only, great chimole and escabeche
Jade Garden for reasonably priced chinese food with a lovely dining room and verandah
For what its worth....
Come to Caye Caulker... and eat dinner at Habaneros, open only in the evening Wed-Sun. THey have a REAL chef, and for under 30 bz you can get a meal that would cost you 3x that much at Mata Chica or Rendevous
Jolly Roger's Grill, grilled lobster is only 20 bz with 2 homemade sides and garlic bread
Rasta Pasta - same great recipes and Marliyn still runs a terrific place.
Posted By: son of a son

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 09:24 PM

1)Papi's, 2)Mickey's, 3)Dos Coco's, 4)street vendors, and last but not least 5)Jambel Jerk Pit. :rolleyes:

of course, that's just my opinion.
Posted By: bboop

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/08/02 10:29 PM

The very best is Sweet Basil for Lunch ( Shrimp salard to die for)
Estee on the beach for breakfast
Street vendor later at night
Saturday night Chicken at the Lion club
Celi for dinner
Posted By: trina

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/09/02 03:18 AM

Casa Picasso gets my vote! Romantic, exotic decor, friendly owners, and great food! Go go go! On a back street south of the airport. Any cab will take you there! laugh
Posted By: Beachy

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/10/02 07:12 PM

Thanks Trina,
We are working hard to make it a unique experience at Casa Picasso, and its nice to see that folks enjoyed!! we are currently closed (reopen on Oct.29) for some renovations that will make us even better!
see you next visit
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/11/02 03:10 PM

can't leave out el patio & rendezvous. we had terrific meals at both.
Posted By: mish

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/13/02 12:51 PM

You KNOW we can NOT narrow it down to just 5!! Here are my favorites

Capricorn's (best steak on the island)
Victoria House (naniamo bars and grilled lobster)
Celi's (chicken strips and fajitas)
BC's BBQ (need I say more?)
Jambel's Jerk Pit (jalepeno alfredo is addictive)
Sweet Basil's (salad)
Caliente's (anything for lunch and their coconut shrimp)
Jade Garden (egg rolls and cheesecake)
Shark's Bar (pizza)
Elvi's (for the experience)
Estel's (breakfast)
Tropical Take out (across from Tropic Air)
Cafe Ole (GREAT pasteries and coffee)
Street Vendors (burritos, rice & beans, anything you want...delicious)
Holiday Hangover Bar (CEVICHE!!! Best on the island)

Sorry, no comment on Papi's and Blue Water Grill. They are on my list to visit though. Oh, and so will the new restaurant/bar that is opening at Banana Beach...sounds mouth watering already!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/13/02 11:39 PM

WHEN THE mQQse wants a change from grazing and foraging...long side of the lagoons.... the mQQse eats at los cocos....near san huan...and of course at shirley's in the park...

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/14/02 02:13 PM

good job mish! smile
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/14/02 02:23 PM

My 2 cents worth:
Jambel Jerk Pit
Los Cocos
That 3/100 Taco stand on the middle street
Lilys for lobster omlettes

BUT never had a bad meal there......
Posted By: lilwings

Re: 5 Best Restaurants - 10/17/02 04:53 PM

I was there in August on my honeymoon and we absolutely loved it. Our choices or favorite places were -

Capricorn - ate there 3 times. I still think about the sandwhich I had there for lunch. It was yummy. Also their dinner salad is out of this world.

Blue Water Grill - best dessert I had
Sweet Basils - only open until 5:00

Our least favorite place was Rendevous.

Good luck to you and enjoy your trip.
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