Christmas Day?

Posted By: chinchilla

Christmas Day? - 10/17/02 05:29 PM

Hi there...

I was wondering if any of you knew if anything's open on Christmas day?

I'm going on a cruise, and our Belize stop is on Dec. 25.

Mainly I'm curious about dive shops and the like.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Christmas Day? - 10/17/02 08:32 PM

the mQQse lodge is open ...chinch
stop on by
Posted By: d-jon

Re: Christmas Day? - 10/18/02 03:16 AM

Where the cruise stops in Belize City there is a Tourist Village (shops) and I am sure it will be open on this day.
Posted By: chinchilla

Re: Christmas Day? - 10/18/02 10:11 PM

Hey...thanks for replying.

I'm planning to go to AC for vacation for a week or two in February/March. And I figured since the cruise ship will be in Belize, that I could just fly on over there and check the place out. I just don't want to be stranded and miss the ship on the way out.

But hey...If the only things open are bars...then a big CHEERS! I shall see you there!

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Christmas Day? - 10/18/02 11:35 PM

Chin, I will know how to answer your question next week. I have friends on a cruise this week stopping in Belize City and they are going to do a day trip to Ambergris.
They will give me the full scoop.

We arrived on Ambergris last Christmas Day. We had reservations for our Christmas dinner at the Hideaway, due to many restaurants being closed.

Email ahead to secure your Guide for snorkeling on Christmas day, to play it safe.
Posted By: d-jon

Re: Christmas Day? - 10/19/02 02:23 AM

chin, I understand that the ships get in real early into Belize City.

There are flights every hour from Belize City over to San Pedro and back.

If you are planning on doing snorkelling (maybe time might not permit as you're planning on just checkign out the place) then you can contact Aqua Dives which is right on the beach infront of the Sunbreeze Hotel that is just across from the airstrip.

If you have any other questions you can e-mail at
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