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Posted By: pegjef

trip to Ambergris - 10/18/02 02:15 AM

planning a trip for our 30th anniversary. Will be traveling with another couple. Have looked at several of the hotels but also found condos/homes for rent for even better prices since we will be sharing. Any comments on house rentals vs hotels? I notice golf carts are the mode of transportation, however, have read they are about $60 per day! Is that true? Outrageous.

Very important to be able to play in the water/or swim/or snorkle from the beach. Is that possible here or is it too shallow. We went to the Florida Keys and it was knee deep and rocky everywhere.
Posted By: d-jon

Re: trip to Ambergris - 10/18/02 03:22 AM

snorkelling from the beach in San Pedro you won't see much as compared to going to the reef.

If it was the cayes off Dangriga, then hey you can just fall off your door steps and do great reef snorkelling.

HAve you checked with Monchos for golf cart rental as they do good weekly rentals.
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Re: trip to Ambergris - 10/18/02 04:24 PM

you can snorkel off some piers, but it is true. the walk-in beaches is NOT what peolpe go to AC for. they go for the people, relaxation, (drinking), culture, & natural beauty. figure on not wearing shoes much.

plenty of day & half day snorkel/mainland trips to keep you happy. the reef is near. spend the rest of your time with your feet up staring at the horizon. that is what i do.

the choice of condo or house is up to you. lot of nice of each.
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Re: trip to Ambergris - 10/19/02 11:52 PM

You could look at Casa Caracol, it has some small non-grassy spots outside and also uses the large pier at The Tides (five doors down) for deeper swimming.
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