SP Dogs - Official Update

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SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/24/02 10:04 PM

Board members of Saga (myself included) met yesterday with representatives of the Town Council and the Ministry of Health and it was agreed that these three groups will work together to humanely deal with the problem of stray dogs on the island. The animals will not be poisoned but euthanaised.

The immediate issue is to deal with the sick, injured or aggresive animals, that are on the increase.

However any dog owners in San Pedro reading this board should remember that dogs are not allowed to roam freely on the island. The laws of Belize do not differentiate between a dog wearing a collar when defining a stray and so please keep your pets in your yard.
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Re: SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/25/02 12:01 AM

Thanks for the update!!! Just called our vet ....we're working on some of that "wish list".....C
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Re: SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/25/02 12:10 AM

Yes,that's great news. Euthanasia is more humane.
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Re: SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/25/02 02:59 AM

I am so relieved to hear this great news! Everyone's opinion does count and I am thankful to those people who took the time out of their busy lives to sit down and post constructive ideas and concerns. I guess the next step would be to ask the Belize government to repeal their law permitting the use of strychnine for euthanasia. My friend and I are bringing two large suitcases full of vet supplies to SAGA on Nov. 4th. We will also donate $$.

Kudos goes to SAGA for all their efforts!
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Re: SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/25/02 03:36 AM

Too Cool,
we have alot we are bring down too...
Meet us at the Hangover bar in the Holiday Hotel, we start there almost every night and all you have to do is ask for!!!! laugh
See ya all there, 4 days left before we go!!!!
Can't wait!!!

Rick wink :p cool laugh
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Re: SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/25/02 05:59 PM

Hi Rick,

We will be staying at the Sunbreeze Hotel from Nov. 4-11th. I will look you up when we arrive. Freezing here in Victoria, Canada! LOL


Re: SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/25/02 08:54 PM

thanks to all involved with making that change happen.
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Re: SP Dogs - Official Update - 10/27/02 06:17 PM

Great news! Thanks to all, and SAGA of course. Have a wonderful visit down there all of you who are going soon!
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