Christmas in San Pedro

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Christmas in San Pedro - 10/26/02 04:42 AM

Hi, I am a second grade teacher from near Niagara Falls- my class is going to be studying about Christmas in other lands- since I spent Easter in Belize and loved it, I thought it might be fun to find out how Christmas is celebrated there. I would love any information or suggestions on where to get this info. Thanks!
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Re: Christmas in San Pedro - 10/27/02 12:51 AM

Hi Teach:
My wife and I were in San Pedro
two years ago for Christmas. First and for most
Everyone Goes to church. Christmas eve and Christmas Day.
Santa comes to the Lions Club house and Every child gets ONE gift. It was refreshing to see
how excited and grateful the kids were.
I saw NO christmas trees, very few christmas lights and what I really missed was Christmas
music (I never thought I would say that).

If your class would like to email a boy from the
island I could give you his email address.
He would gladly answer any questions about Christmas on the island.
Big dave
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Re: Christmas in San Pedro - 10/28/02 11:20 PM

I would love it! Sorry this took so long to answer back- my home computer is getting fixed so I am stuck using my school computer-thanks alot.
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