which bars??

Posted By: dilster

which bars?? - 10/27/02 08:08 PM

thanks to rick and cherie will see you in hangover bar it seems to be the place to be! any suggestions for other places we should be hanging out? we will be staying at captain morgans retreat is this to far out or within staggering distance of the bars?? 4 days to go just cant wait i think we have found our place!!! see you all soon.

Re: which bars?? - 10/28/02 12:43 AM


Ah, "staggering distance" from the Holiday Hotel or other San Pedro bars will probably require that you have a very good personal flotation device if you are on foot going back to Captain Morgans.

Check out the Palapa Bar south of you a bit, and a bit drier if one should suffer from being "over served".

Posted By: Grace

Re: which bars?? - 10/28/02 02:31 AM

Since when is anyone overserved?
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: which bars?? - 10/28/02 03:22 AM

Me??????? :p
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: which bars?? - 10/28/02 03:53 AM

Your overserved when you fall off the bar stool and can't get up.

Posted By: rickcheri

Re: which bars?? - 10/28/02 01:59 PM

We'll see ya there, we leave on Tues. 1 MORE DAY!!!!!!! Can't wait. Have a good trip.

Rick laugh laugh laugh wink cool
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: which bars?? - 10/28/02 09:35 PM

BC's on the beach and Crazy Canucks.
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