Turneffe diving questions

Posted By: RobertE

Turneffe diving questions - 11/04/02 06:26 PM

Looking for a comparison on Turneffe diving, especially the elbow. Just how wild is it with the currents? We plan on doing a Turneffe trip while down over Thanksgiving and the current thing raises the caution flag for me. We stayed at Manta Resort and dove Glover's Reef before. Just wondered if there was any comparison as far as currents, etc any precautions.

I always dive with a windstorm whistle and safety signal tube just in case.

Thanks for the feedback
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Turneffe diving questions - 11/04/02 11:11 PM

The Elbow at Turneffe is considered an advanced dive as if you hit it right it will have a strong current present which requires you to have your wits about you and be familiar with current diving in addition to it being a deep dive 90-100ft.

As far as safety precautions the boats that go there know the conditions and take adequate precautions knowing the current is present however any attention grabbing devices are always a good idea on any current dive.

If you hit it right with the current running its a GREAT dive if the currents not running it exactly the opposite, the Elbow needs the current for it to be full of life.

Have a great trip
Dive Safe

Posted By: Axeman

Re: Turneffe diving questions - 11/04/02 11:31 PM

Hey Gaz...whats the best boat out to lighthouse reef...I'm comeing down with a buddy who would flip over that dive. Might be doing an overnight there if possible..heck I could spend a week diveing that wall. I'm not interested in the Blue Hole, been there done that..kinda like climbing Mount Fuji in Japan...only once and you've seen it all.
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Turneffe diving questions - 11/04/02 11:35 PM

Probably the best boat for the trip is the Ms Mel which is a Pro 48 I use this for my Guests for Blue Hole trips and Amigos do a good Job

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