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FIRST TIMER! - 11/09/02 09:52 PM

I am heading to AC for the first time this Dec. My parents, aunt and uncle, and cousins have been going down for 5 or 6 years. My aunt and uncle recently finished a house on the beach in the Tres Coco area (near Palapa Bar) and that is where my wife and I and another couple will be staying.

I have been reading the recent post and learning a lot. I have gathered from my family that Captain Morganís is a great place, Capricorn for dinner, Sweet Basil for lunch; Elviís is a must as well as Ramons.

I just wanted to get some other good ideas from you guys. We are all 25 years young and love the beach and water. I know we will do a lot of fishing and other water sports, but was hoping you could let us in on some MUST DO things for our first trip.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/09/02 10:11 PM

Remove your shoes and procede to the nearest source of Belikan/Coconut Rum; with drink in hand look out at the water and inhale deeply.
Next, pinch yourself, you are not dreaming; this is paradise. cool
OK, then you can arrange your snorkle trip to Shark-Ray Alley, learn to Scuba, hit BC's for the beach bar-b-que, bet on the Chicken Drop and learn to dance Punta at the Barefoot Iguana.
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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/09/02 10:56 PM

All the above are great, but add these.
Stop at Popular Bakery and buy a loaf of cinnamon bread, several squares of bread pudding and coconut tarts, before you head out to where you are staying.
Fido's any night or to catch Barefoot Skinny and Cat 7, shows.
Caliente's for soups at lunch time. Dinner is good too.
Rent a golf cart for 1/2 day to tour San Pedro and South.
Check out Elizabeth's fine jewelry at Fido's.
Palapa Bar close to where your are staying is good on Sunday Afternoon.
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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/10/02 12:21 AM

I will be a first timer also come May 31st. Tonight I'm headed out to a Mid-GA Dive Association Seafest party. I am just learning to dive. They normally go to Cozumel at Thanksgiving...maybe I can convert them!
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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/10/02 03:04 AM

I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE, Sneaky is coming out of retirement, to entertain us with his majestic voice.........NOT TO BE MISSED.
Do tell what are the dates????
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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/10/02 05:31 AM

word is it depends on how well moose does awi di ''pre-paid'' gigolo biz

so...gals mek dem rangmenzz...
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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/12/02 04:25 PM

Thanks guys for you input. I was reading some of the other post that talked about How Much Cash. If my wife and I eat at these places that you have talked about and also try to eat at our house ever once and a while what amount and I looking at spending per day. We might have a few drinks as well, so I guess I am looking for a round number.

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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/12/02 06:57 PM

After several trips, I still say $100.00US per day, per person, is a comfortable amount. Even those house meals will cost you, out of that $100.00 per day per person.
Hey if you can do it on less per day, you can go home with money, no problem.....hahaha.
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Re: FIRST TIMER! - 11/13/02 12:39 AM

I'm also a first-timer going in January. This past Sunday I was finally cetified to Dive and I am so ready for Belize! I definately am going to check out shark-ray alley and Hol Chan. I have heard cave tubing is pretty exciting also. There are a couple dive sites I read about that I would like some opinions on. These are: Pillar corals, Long Caye Lighthouse, and Cypress Gardens. cool
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