First Time for Family

Posted By: rvargas

First Time for Family - 11/12/02 05:35 PM

I am arriving to San Pedro on November 29,2002 and Departing on December 15,2002;

I will be going with my wife and 1.5 year old son; Me and my wife are 35;

We are staying at Coconuts; Is the beachfront off of Coconuts nice and safe?

Was this a good choice for staying with the family? Is it safe for my son? He loves music and ocean; Me and my wife would love to see some jungle; Can he go - my son? - On the tours.

Can anyone recommend a guide to shows us fun jungle areas and pyrmids?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: First Time for Family - 11/12/02 07:11 PM

I have seen several tourist couples with their baby in San Pedro, but did note each had grand parents with them, to help with the baby, especially when the couple wanted to do tours.

I am sure the Coconut beach is safe. But I would watch the baby closely. Remember the dogs walk the beach too, and leave behind feces. Wash your baby really good when leaving the beach.

If your baby has a sensitive system, may not be the best vacation place. Remember new foods and water. Also the sun is intense, must use alot of protection.

Jungle......personally I would not take a baby to the jungle area, but I am a preventive person, not a risk taker with babies.

Best wishes on your vacation.

Re: First Time for Family - 11/12/02 07:36 PM

Just returned from a wedding on the island with a 9 week old baby. Have never done the Jungle Tour thing but did a trip to the Mayan Ruins at Lamanai a couple of years ago. I believe that Coconuts is the South of town and there's not much around except beach combing. If you rent a golf cart and take trips to town you'll probably enjoy that. My guess is that the 1.5 year old will probably tire easily so a backpack carrying device with plenty of sunscreen and hats will probably come in useful. Remember the sun is pretty powerful down there and you don't want to ruin your vacation. Caution from the sun and anticipating a tired child and you should enjoy yourselves. Ambergris Divers is located near Coconuts and they can set you up with a snorkel trip that you'll enjoy and I believe that they can arrange a Jungle Tour for you. The owners have a 2 yr. old son and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have in that regard. email Karen @ [email protected] and enjoy your stay.
Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: First Time for Family - 11/12/02 09:10 PM

Be sure to take your son to Boca Del Rio, the children's park. They have nice shallow water and lots of kids.
A day trip to the Belize Zoo might be a nice jungly diversion for you.
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