Ramon's Dive Shop?

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Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/12/02 09:24 PM

My wife and I are going on our honeymoon in 3 weeks, Dec. 2-16th (weeehooo!). We are going to stay at Ek'Tun for a week then come out and stay at Ramon's for a week. How is the dive shop at Ramon's compared to the independent ones on the Caye? We are new divers who will be taking our referal to complete our open water certification. I don't want to end up on a dive trip that is too crowded. Being that its our first experience, I'd like something personal.
Any recomendations for first time divers? We'd like to do at least one full day of diving in addition to our two days of certification.
I'd love to hear some recomendations of the best dive sites, and whether Ramon's is a good dive shop to use or should I look elsewhere.

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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/12/02 10:28 PM

You should be just fine with Ramon's. Try and get Robbie if you can. Great guy, he'll make you comfortable and your trips will be enjoyable.
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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/13/02 03:33 AM

Elbert does their classes. he does a great job, my sister in law got certified with him this past summer, and really had an enjoyable experience...
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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/15/02 03:39 PM

Lorne and Jolene are excellent instructors and have their own company called Grumpy and Happy. They offer private service. They generally take you by yourself without recreational divers on the boat so that you never feel rushed. If you ask they will keep it absolutely personal if there are 2 of you.
Look at their website at;
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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/15/02 06:15 PM

Grumpy and Happy -
We are coming down Nov 22nd, and I think we need to spend some time together. We are interested in the 2-way satellite, we want to snorkle at Mexico Rocks, and my husband would like to dive a little.
Sound like a plan?

We will call you when we arrive and "settle".

Kathy & Gary
P.S. - We want to deal with the "Happy" one -- leave "Grumpy" at home! smile
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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/16/02 03:39 AM

Ha Ha ... sounds like a plan and the dates are ok.. Do you known how to get hold of us. .. How about an email to confirm dates and talk in a more personal way

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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/16/02 05:40 AM

i'd lke to find someone that kno's the price of this high speed connection
Posted By: Mexicana

Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/16/02 08:39 PM

Very funny MQQSE! laugh

HIGHSPEED, Just want to say thanks for the HAPPY&GRUMPY web site, I checked it out and Might consider taking a trip....
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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/16/02 08:58 PM

i'd lke to find someone that kno's the price of this high speed connection

whats so funnt bout ... that...

evn the guy who's promoting the high speed satalite shit.... aint coughin oup awi a price......

geeszzzzz is it that!! damn costely..that he too fraid fi post the cost ... or is it that he/she ... hasnt figured out what the hell he's doin yet....?????//

ah juss wann kno di damn price ....

too much to aks..???????
Posted By: Mexicana

Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/16/02 11:48 PM

Apparently it's too much to ask! I noticed you have only asked the question a dozen or so times. A GOOD salesperson would have contacted you by now...maybe he doesn't have any more...jejeje!
Sorry MQQSE, I don't think this guy is serious..he doesn't even have a web page posted.
mad go ahead get mad frown mad mad mad
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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/17/02 12:53 AM


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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/17/02 05:06 PM

Seems you are getting upset.
I do not very often get to this board and therefore do not always answer when I should. So for your high blood pressure, to the extent that I caused it .. I am sorry.
A second reason that I did not respond to you origionally is because you did not seem serious about the question, and 1/2 the time I cannot understand what you are saying.
I do remember posting my e-mail, twice I think, if someone wanted to discuss Internet via satellite.
Once again my e-mail is [email protected]
You can also phone me here in San Pedro at
I would much prefer to have a personal conversation if possible.
For your information though, and others, the cost installed is $2000.00 US installed and the monthly charge is $59.00 US for the full time connection.
The Company that I am associated with is Houston Media Systems .. owner is Mel Berry.
The system that we install is DirecWay and it receives and Excellent signal from a small dish.
Please e-mail me if you wish to discuss this further and how to get set up.
I Live in San Pedro and will be able to install and service the systems anywhere in Belize.
I attended a course in Houston to become certified.
Houston Media systems can be found on the Internet at
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Re: Ramon's Dive Shop? - 11/17/02 05:26 PM

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