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Posted By: Marty

Green Guide - 11/21/02 10:43 PM

I have just advertised in the Green Guide for Ambergris Caye, has anyone heard anything about the guide?
Posted By: KBG

Re: Green Guide - 11/22/02 02:41 AM

Travel is my drug, have not heard of the Green Guide, (enviromental slant???)what is up. Love Belize go there often. Usually Sp but have been all over. KBG confused confused confused
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Green Guide - 11/22/02 04:33 PM

When people say "Green Guide" they usually are referring to the Michelin Green Guide (which are general guides to a destination as opposed to the Michelin Red Guide which is famous for awarding stars to restaurants and hotels.

There is a Michelin Green Guide, published a few years ago, to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize (the Belize section is only a few pages long).

Green Guide is probably a trademark of Michelin, so if someone else is selling a Green Guide they may hear from Michelin's lawyers.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: M-A Gaffney

Re: Green Guide - 11/22/02 05:28 PM
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Green Guide - 11/23/02 01:27 AM

Good lord what a good idea.Does anyone think that this wll actually happen
Posted By: Marty

Re: Green Guide - 11/23/02 01:37 AM

i think its happening...
Posted By: Short

Re: Green Guide - 11/23/02 04:02 AM

It's a great idea, Ive seen them working hard on the guide. Think it's called Green Guide because it is going to be printed in green.
We needed an initiative like this!
Keep up the good work.
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