Tipping - 11/24/02 04:36 PM

What is the proper protocol when it comes to tipping in AC and the mainland? When to tip, When not to tip, and what to tip??

Thanks y'll
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Tipping - 11/24/02 08:10 PM

This has been discussed a lot.

Here's some reading from previous tipping topics.
You can do a search on any word if you need further info.

Posted By: Beachy

Re: Tipping - 11/24/02 09:23 PM

I say: Do what you do!! You tip at home, do it here, ya don't? Don't go changin'
Of course, I always liked that movie Good Fellas, where the mobsters are constantly handing out wads of cash, come to my place, Joe Pesci.
Posted By: Mexicana

Re: Tipping - 11/25/02 04:20 AM

I am strongly in FAVOR of tipping particularly when service is is clean, and I have a good time! Sometimes it is more the atmosphere than any one person that creates the mood or special moments....then I thank the creator of the Universe! To keep the mood in a restaurant festive I have noticed the Wait-persons contribute by smiling, joking, and hustling around all at the same time, I think they deserve to go home with my thanks and some $$$ in their pockets. Muchas Gracias BELIZE para gente muy simpaticas!! wink smile
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Tipping - 11/25/02 05:00 PM

Tip 10-15% in restaurants and bars. Tip tour guides 5-10 BZ per person, per trip.
Tip hotel folks, room cleaners, etc - ask at the front desk how they distribute tips so that you follow the protocol that will get the money to the folks for whom it is intended. At some resorts there is a built-in service charge in the bill the % varies, and in many cases it is a really minimal amount, so you should still plan on tipping your servers a bit extra.
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