good places to stay

Posted By: Baddog054

good places to stay - 12/12/02 04:21 AM

We're looking for a quiet place on the shore that's a short walk to town, has at least basic cooking facilities, and is reasonably priced. A pool would be nice, but isn't essential. We plan to snorkel, fish and enjoy the shops and restaurants in San Pedro. Any suggestions are appreciated!
Posted By: d-jon

Re: good places to stay - 12/12/02 04:27 AM

for when are you looking for this accomodation and for how long.
Posted By: ACfan

Re: good places to stay - 12/12/02 05:34 AM

Seven Seas might be a good fit - north of town, but very walkable, quiet, across a low traffic "street" from the sea, has a pool, decent kitchen facilities and reasonable prices. Check out their website and bunches of others by clicking on the "lodging" link above. Carol at the desk will arrange snorkel and mainland trips if you ask.

We stayed there last week and loved it. cool
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: good places to stay - 12/12/02 11:25 AM

Paradise Villas seems perfect for your needs.

Have a look; here is a link to their web site.


Have a great vacation.

Posted By: Baddog054

Re: good places to stay - 12/12/02 02:06 PM

We're planning to come on Feb 24 and stay until March 2
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: good places to stay - 12/12/02 03:06 PM

Recommend you check Caribbean Villas Hotel via "Lodging" above. Only ten rooms/suites on 2 acres of land with a bird sanctuary, 300+ foot pier with swimming/snorkeling area, hammocks, hot tubs, free bikes, customer focused/long-time staff. They can recommend and book guides for fishing, snorkeling, sailing and mainland day trips. They do not accept commissions from guides or tour operators, so they objectively recommend the guides they believe are the best. CV is south of town in a quieter area; nice 10-ish minute walk to town. They do not have a pool, but they have an arrangement with a nearby hotel for your use of their pool. Owners operate and live in the hotel. You'll love the island - have a great time!
Posted By: Mojo

Re: good places to stay - 12/12/02 05:15 PM

Sandy C: whose pool do they have access to?
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: good places to stay - 12/13/02 03:55 AM

Banana Beach, which has 2 pools.
Posted By: Frank and Marie

Re: good places to stay - 12/13/02 07:51 PM

I manage a condo at Playador. They are close to town and have a pool. It is on the beach also.
Posted By: Suew

Re: good places to stay - 12/14/02 04:46 AM

I'd vote for Blue Tang to the north for reasonable, yet nicely appointed accommodations with a pool. OR, if the south is okay, Bananas has a great combo of comfort, convenience, beachfront, and pool. Not too bad a walk to town either.
Posted By: seashell

Re: good places to stay - 12/14/02 08:39 AM

I love the Blue Tang but I've never found it a particularly quiet place.
Posted By: Billy-Bob

Re: good places to stay - 12/15/02 11:01 PM

We are looking for accomodation for 01 month ,
we have looked at resorts but pricing is high for a long stay , Any condos or apts at reasonable rates?? A pool would be nice depending on price.
Also is it wise to bring some foodstuffs from home as we have heard that groceries are very high in AC ??
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 12:13 AM

Hideaway has one bedroom apartments for rent by the month. With or without A/C. Low rates. With pool. Good location.
Groceries aren't that high.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 12:48 AM

Agree-look into HideAway Hotel great location, budget prices......close to evrything!!!! C
Posted By: Sunny Tropics

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 01:31 AM

You can check
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 04:01 AM

Hideaway is depressing and needs a full facelift. It is,however, relatively cheap and in a reasonable location.If you are coming down for months look in the newspapers and you can rent good appts (1/2 bed) in or around town for 1000 to 1500 bzd
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 05:02 AM

Big price difference! Hideaway is only BZ$400-500 per month.
And your internet joint is depressing too compared to the others. So there!
Posted By: klcman

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 05:59 AM

eek eek
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 05:47 PM

I tend to agree with the Hideaway,especially if you stay for that long! Afterall,you're hardly ever going to be in the room anyway. ALL the beach is available to the tourists via the resort bars and the like.
The hideaway has a pool and a great bar for entertainment,no to mention the restaurant that is great!
Enjoy your stay..........Richard
Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 09:00 PM

Caribbean Villas needs an interior facelift, too (unless they've done it since April of last year)and was not on the unpricey side. We paid $150/night in mid-April. There was no pool and we were not, at any point, informed that they had an agreement with another property for the use of their pool. That may be a new wrinkle in the last eight months. They do, however, have a fabulous dock and a nice area for bird-watching and flora viewing and a very nice staff. Not far from town and quite quiet. The biggest issue for us was the value vs. the actual accommodations. We had the opportunity to see inside some other comparably priced properties while we were there and CV's aging room interiors did not measure up. A remodel would make all the difference.
Posted By: Marty

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 10:00 PM

Personally, we love caribbean villas, incredible grounds, great folks. lovely villas.
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 10:11 PM

While I have never stayed at the Hideaway, I've visited it a few times and did not find it particularly depressing in any way. I like Banana Beach-it is on the quiet side, is very well managed and has gorgeous suites, pool, views, etc. Great prices too, and its in a great little neighborhood with a tienda and inexpensive eating places.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 11:18 PM

Banana Beach will give you monthly rates as well. Contact them directly. Pricier than Hideaway but much nicer accommodations.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: good places to stay - 12/16/02 11:44 PM

Believe Tim at Banana Beach said he was charging US$900 a month without utilities and US$1300 a month with utilities. That's for a spanking new one-bedroom suite with kitchen, fully furnished. Not cheap but at around US$42 a day including utilities it isn't bad for a short-term rental on a resort island.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Billy-Bob

Re: good places to stay - 12/17/02 02:03 AM

Has anyone stayed at the Mayan Princess Hotel ?
It is called a hotel but it looks like all rooms have a view with a balcony and are all suites the
two week rate is $65.nght plus 7 % and plus 10%
gratuity ????
Posted By: Colorado Palms

Re: good places to stay - 12/17/02 03:56 PM

What a great message board - we are long-time readers but new posters. We find web sites and message boards invaluable when planning excursions and this is one of the best thanks to the multiple input. And it's so nice for people to swap their preferences maturely - we all have our "druthers."

I wanted to add thoughts on Caribbean Villas. Our trips over the years have been built around tropical settings including the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hawaiian Islands, south Pacific islands and far eastern seashores. San Pedro is the destination we have most frequented for its beauty, people and size. And yes, we have had accomodations that were newer and more upscale than Caribbean Villas for the same price range, but we've never had a better total experience anywhere than Caribbean Villas. This small resort has a long standing staff that give personal attention and seem to really enjoy their vacationers; the owners live on the property and take care of their vacationers along with the staff; this is the last property we've seen in or near San Pedro Town not built to fill all the available land, it must be over an acre that is left wooded with flowering plants and birds and wildlife; the pier, hammocks, grills, hot tubs, bikes, tour bookings all help us have a rounded vacation. No place is for everybody, but we love it there. If you read this board and have never been to San Pedro, try it - the people and the sea will captivate you! Thanks again to all you posters here.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: good places to stay - 12/17/02 04:35 PM


I've stayed at Mayan Princess a couple of times. It's a good place and an excellent value. It's one of the older condos on the island, but well-maintained and well-run. The location couldn't be more convenient, right in the middle of Front Street. The units have a nice tropical feel, with great views of the water. It does not have a pool, though.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: good places to stay - 12/17/02 05:23 PM

Jesus I agree with Lan.This is the place I would stay as the condos are huge studios which are really well designed(bedroom,kitchen,sittingroom,balcony,sea).No pool but if you buy drinks at Ramons you can use theirs.
Posted By: sgoldsmi

Re: good places to stay - 12/17/02 10:13 PM

I am also looking for a nice place to stay for 4/5 nights in late Feb. I have heard good things about the Journey's End, but also about some others North of the town. Is it bad being so far away from the San Pedro Town? Does anyone have any recomms either on the Journey's End hotel or others? Much appreciated....
Posted By: Axeman

Re: good places to stay - 12/17/02 11:35 PM

Sgoldsmi, Depends on several needs...
Single or with family? If your looking for a total get away the north side might be cool. You will be hampered timewise on the north side due to the hand ferry that gets you to town. The good news up there is NO CABS or CARS to run you over.

As a single guy I prefer staying close to town so I can hang out late if I want. I also like being able to walk to several places to eat...
Up north I highly suggest you budget in a Golf Cart to get around unless you plan to hang out at your hotel.($65 US a day I think) Or you can ride a bike(Which is what I do).
The dive shops will pick you up at JE so thats not an issue.
Anywhere you stay in AC is paradise as far as I'm concerned.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: good places to stay - 12/18/02 04:44 AM

I agree with Axe, it really depends on whom you be with. lol
We have stayed North and South. North was great as we stayed as a family. We wanted (at least I thought we did) to just relax. However they were teens and kept bugging us to go to town in the evenings. wink
When Dan and I went by ourselves we stayed at Carib Island Resort and would probably stay there again as a family or by ourselves when we return. I would suggest getting a cart either way though. By staying South however your first time ya pretty much have the best of both worlds.
Charter a boat and do the North thing. Have them drop you off way North and call to pick you up when ya get tired out. Best check out a map first though, resorts are few between up there.
Beautiful too!
Have a great time!!!
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