bring food, fashion to paradise?

Posted By: Woodsprite

bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/18/02 08:20 PM

Hi, Everybody! Y'all are such a spirited community; cruising this board is fabuloso escapism on cold days in NYC and Boston. Educational too. We are coming (YAY!!!) on Christmas Eve, staying at SusanGG's in Paradise Villas. So, questions:

Should we bring food (like, coffee, roasted almonds, a can of black-eyed peas for good luck on New Years Day, etc.) I like to have breakfast at home most days, a drink and snack in the afternoon or evening...not so much for economy's sake, but just to be mellow in our own pad. Wanna be prepared, but maybe it's fine to stock up at local foodstore? Which food store is best, closest? (I recall a posting, but don't know how location relates to us.)

Are restaurants and stores (food, anyway) going to be open on Christmas--or will we be forced to guzzle rum punch and what do you call them, something with "Panties" in the title, and eat cocktail peanuts? Do we need to reserve?....

Also, is it REALLY true that all we need are tee shirts and shorts? Even for going out for dinner on New Year's Eve? Darling was thinking about taking a couple of dressy cotton shirts and I told him I've read to leave fashion and jewelry at home...reassurance on this? Mata Chica sounds snazz, so I don't want to be underdressed. (Maybe La Isla Bonita will help us loosen up....)

Thank you all, really looking forward to getting to know the paradise you all love so well.

Posted By: rickcheri

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/18/02 08:56 PM

Bring something "spritzy" for New Years Eve just because it's New Years reason to bring food or's very laid back. I'm not a coffee drinker, so can't respond on that one. As far as I know, everyone will be open on that day!!! C
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/18/02 09:11 PM

No dress up.....There is a grocery store about 100 ft from your front door.
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/18/02 09:34 PM

That grocery store near you is San Pedro Grocery, it has really great coffee by the brand of Pilon-its yummy real french roast, and they have cans of black eyed peas and everything. Shorts and tee shirts is really all you'll need, maybe a sun dress for new year's if you want to "dress up".

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/18/02 10:50 PM

Dressing up for the holidays in SP would be a clean shirt (with a collar for a more formal look).

Get everything at the local grocery, don't bother bringing anything unless it's some special gourmet product you can't live without. We've been over Christmas three times. Most stores and restaurants are open on Christmas Day to some extent. The real SERIOUS holiday in SP is Easter, which lasts for 4 days. The entire village virtually closes down for Easter Monday.

Have fun
Posted By: Miha

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 12:58 AM

We were in Ambergris a couple of weeks ago. We bought our perishables (bread, milk, eggs, lunch meat, etc.) on the island, but brought some cereal and snacks from home. The only thing that I would do differently next time is to bring some small ketchup, mustard, and mayo packs (like the kind you get at the fast food window). It seemed wasteful to buy a whole condiment bottle just for a week, but then our sandwiches were kind of dry. If you plan to go fishing, and then cook the fish in your room, you may want to bring some spices from home. Have a great time, leave the jewelry and fancy clothes at home! laugh
Posted By: Woodsprite

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 01:16 AM

Wow, big board names are writing to moi! I'm glad I asked and thank you all for telling me what it is--a couple less things to tend to before we blast off. Can't wait!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 02:23 AM

I might suggest for breakfast at home, pop up the road to the bakery for some fresh rolls, pick up some fruit. Don't pass up a chance to go down to Estels for some fryjacks, and always keep in the back of your mind that lobster omelettes are readily available.
Posted By: Punim

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 09:31 PM

Hi Woodsprite
My family will also be staying at Paradise Villas from the 27th to the 4th. You must have asked the right questions ....all the reply's were very helpful. I wonder if anyone knows about the bonefishing?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 10:08 PM

The bonefishing question, is difficult to get an answer to, my hubby has tried twice on Ambergris to go bonefishing. It seems very few guides want to bonefish. Not sure why, maybe seasonal, specialized, or lack of interest. We would love to get this answered also.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 10:11 PM

Doing your homework prior to the trip is fun and informative. If you happen to forget something, don't worry about it. Paradise Villas is a nice place, beautiful grounds and pool, quiet and secure and homey. Good location, just a few minutes walk to anywhere you might want to go. If you do need something from the grocery store, you can be there in two minutes, and the price differential is usually less than the trouble of packing and bringing. Great lunches next door at Paradise Resort, right on the beach, or for a quick beer. Note, if you plan on having a few Belikins in the house or on the grounds, have a case delivered to your room and put in the fridge prior to your arrival. Much cheaper. Good breakfasts at Lily's (couple minutes down the beach), or my favorite, Estels, another couple minutes. Don't miss Papi's Diner about a 10 minute slow walk north for dinner. Best Lobster around (in my opinion). Also try the Reef, good food reasonable. Don't worry about the street vendors, or the kids selling food items, not aware of anyone ever having a problem. Go down, leave your worries at home and enjoy yourself. You have to experience it to see why there are so many of us that speak so highly of it. I envy you your upcoming trip. Also, do yourself a favor and eat things you've never eaten before.
Regards, Bob
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 11:02 PM

Eat the miniature coconut pies the lady sells on the streets. They are so good!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/19/02 11:27 PM

You just had to mention those.....wonderful coconut tarts......I need 4 right now.
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/20/02 12:44 AM

I know Chloe, aren't they the best? And they're nice and warm, flaky... smile
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/20/02 01:46 PM

Recommend you try the new grocery store next to the new Castillo's hardware store near your villas - better prices and good selection. Ask the villas' desk - they will know the name of it - it's the non-pink grocery store. Also, recommend you eat at Los Cocos restaurant just around the corner from the grocery store - small, hole-in-the wall with great fried whole fish, fish fillets, pork chops, stewed chicken... with rice and beans - usually about $4US or less per plate; lobster and shrimp will cost much more. Happy time!
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/20/02 04:19 PM

About dressing up on holidays - Tourists tend to be the ones who don't dress up. Belizeans and other residents will definitely take the opportunity to dress to excess with glitter, spandex, sequins, etc. (at least for the ladies). If you are considering Mata Chica for New Year - definitely dress up - the flashier the better actually. There are a lot of places for women to buy such outfits right here on the island - suggest stopping in at Mambo Chill for some super fashions. For men - a nice shirt with buttons and clean shorts with a belt will be considered dressy enough.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/20/02 04:25 PM

Bonefishing is good from middle of Nov to middle of April (no problem on finding guides then).

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/20/02 07:09 PM

i enjoy the mountain grown coffee that i drink in ac much better than my folgers here at home. leave the columbian brew home in the states. diane made a good point - it's a holiday celebration, but, i want to say NO heels or hose for the ladies.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: bring food, fashion to paradise? - 12/20/02 08:04 PM

Thanks Pedro that explains the bonefishing.
Hubby was trying to find a guide to bonefish in June and August. Now we know.
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