Need Belize info (help)

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Need Belize info (help) - 12/30/02 11:11 PM

Hi if anybody can give me some info on these questions that would be great...My girlfriend and I are coming to Belize in May and are staying at the Banyan Bay resort...

1. Is Banyan bay nice it looks nice on the website?
2. Does it matter who you do your dives with? The BlueDive shop does a lot of advertising, but the hotel has a built in dive shop that you can book with..
3. What are the best places to go for lunch and dinner and can you get there with a golf cart?
4. Water taxi or Airplane for island hopping? What's the best?

We will be in belize for a week any info you can give me would be appreciated..From what I've read so far sounds like a great place...
Posted By: Grace

Re: Need Belize info (help) - 12/31/02 12:32 AM

3.Walk around
4.Water taxi, my preference,

Enjoy! laugh
Posted By: Rita

Re: Need Belize info (help) - 01/02/03 08:23 PM

1. Yes Banyan Bay is as nice as photos on website.
2. I think it matters, we have been 5 times and only use Amigos Del Mar. We tried another operation once and were very disappointed.
3.Lunch and Dinner: Fidos, Jade Gardens, Elvis Kitchen, Ambergris Delight, Reef House and Capricorn.
4. I say fly - faster, a little more $$, but more time to explore.
It is a heavenly destination. Have a great time.

Re: Need Belize info (help) - 01/02/03 09:31 PM

Rita's got it all right.
Posted By: Ricardo

Re: Need Belize info (help) - 01/06/03 07:15 AM

Add the Rendezvous Restaurant and Bar if you like great French and Thai cuisine.
Just a few miles from town via water taxi.
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