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Digesting - 01/02/03 08:11 AM

This is our first time to your msg board - as if we weren't excited enough about coming down, reading all the scoops you folks so graciously offer, has really got us going! Thanks a lot! LOL! We've got a whole lot more to read up about as far as where to stay - this will be our first visit. We've had a lot of advice, but making a decision is proving to be difficult! My husband and I are more down to earth than "ritzy", and find that the bed and breakfast scene here in the states much more preferrable to the hotel/motel thing. Is there such a thing on AC??? Thanks, and Happy New Year to one and all. -Cat
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Re: Digesting - 01/02/03 08:14 AM

Beinvenidos Cat!!

Welcome to the board!! So glad to have new folks stopping by to chat for a while about our favorite subject BELIZE! Lots to explore and even more fun to talk to folks that have been nearly everywhere in Belize and AC. So consider yourself formally welcomed aboard.
Mexicana wink
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Re: Digesting - 01/02/03 02:50 PM

Don't think you have to worry too much about accomodations that are too ritzy in San Pedro.
If you do a condo or the like it's a pretty Homey
type of place if it provides the fridge,microwave,coffee pot,etc.. I've stayed at Coconuts and Playador a couple of times and a number of places on the mainland and never considered them to be Ritzy. You'll enjoy the laid back nature of the island no matter where
you choose for lodging.
Have fun and relax.......Richard
Posted By: Dan & Jan

Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 01:50 AM

Can't agree more. You won't spend enough time in the room to make any difference as long as it is clean and has a refrigerator. We stayed and the playador last time and will be at the Banana beach this time. We are from Nebraska and love it there so you will too. We will be there from the 28th through the 4th.
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Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 05:38 AM

So true about the refrigerator... Something cold to drink and a place to sleep. Then it's outdoors!! laugh
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Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 05:49 AM

We're new to Belize too (okay, new to the prospect of Belize) and are also looking for accomodations. Just read about a place that looks super reasonable and right on the Beach - Rubies or Rubys? (seen it spelled both ways). I guess I fall into the "I want it to be cheap but nice, too" category, while my boyfriend says let's just find a deal. But I'm wondering, has anyone stayed here, and is it pretty decent? One review said something about thin walls and mattresses. So I'm, like, just wondering.
Also, any thoughts on whether April is a good time to go? There are probably good and bad seasons? I know I need to look this up, and I'm working on it, but you know, and advice is welcome...
it is COLD in Chicago, kids, MT
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Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 06:15 AM

For a bed & breakfast try looking at Changes In Latitude. Lori & her staff are great. Walking distance to town & most places. Just off the beach behind the Belize Yacht Club but can be picked up from their pier for most tours, snorkeling, diving, etc. Lori can arrange all of the above. Good breakfast and full use of the kitchen. Small, clean rooms, not fancy but comfortable. You don't spend much time in your room except to sleep & shower.
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Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 07:01 AM

Do you have a web page on that??
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 07:11 AM

// Lori is great!
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 07:23 AM

The first picture on the website is not what it looks like, scrool(sp) down to the snorkeling picture with balcony. Lori lives upstairs, Canadian, living all our dreams of living there, just trying to survive. Trust me she will take care of you. Wish I was there NOW! Hopefully soon. Not quite as adventurous as some of you who travel alone. Need to try it sometime as it's getting harder to find people to go with me.
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Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 07:45 AM

Or try
Posted By: latitudes

Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 09:31 AM

One of my favourite repeat guests has goaded me into giving myself a "promo". My website needs an update and some guidebooks incorrectly state that our breakfast is “continental” and imply that Changes In Latitudes is not a true B&B. I lurk on the board and often see people looking for the type of accommodation we offer. Designed for active, sociable people who don’t want to pay a high end price but want a good standard of lodging. So from this 10 year “Sanpegringa” here is my blatant “ad” for my digs……

My rooms are definitely not for the Holiday Inn crowd. They are “bedrooms” that have comfortable beds, air conditioning, fan and private entrance and bath. Upgraded annually, we take pride in the cleanliness, privacy and security of the Inn. Prices include a full cooked breakfast of juice, tropical fruits, coffee or tea (bottomless cups), cereal and a variety of Belizean and North American offerings. Everything from French Canadian crepes and sausage to eggs, fryjacks and refrioles. Checking breakfast menus around town, I would value our breakfast at 8 US per person if you bought a comparable breakfast elsewhere. So I hope potential guests factor this when comparing the value of moderate lodgings. I offer a slightly lower rate than posted on my website // on a direct booking over the net.

We don't offer an official "package deal" but I truly enjoy customizing activities for my guests on a voucher basis so that payment for "in country air", lodging and activities can be made at the end of the stay. This enables me to ensure that my guests have, professional safe and personable guides. All of “my guides” are Belizeans as is my small staff. I consider the people in my adoptive country to be the number one reason to visit!

The other plus's to consider are,

Location: 10 minute stroll from town. Extra amenities such as: Use of fridge, stove, microwave, barbeque and blender! Laundry service. Ice cold Belikin beer delivered by the case on request (Remember I'm an ex-pat is our religion!). Personal welcome and orientation on arrival. Information guide to activities, dining and entertainment.

Punta dancing shows and lessons on the upstairs verandah, exchanging travel tales with the other guests, Pinta my "lizard eating" calico cat (never in the guest rooms so no worries of those with allergies),, tons of hints on what to bring and how to save money on your visit

As Windjammer says, the photo on my website is dated as we are constantly making improvements and adding to the garden etc. I will send a new pic to Marty manana!
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Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 01:36 PM

It's a bit after 6 am. I woke up out of a sound sleep, got thinking about our up and coming trip -and, well, here I am. Typing away by candlelight, trying not to wake the hubby. Ya, I need vacation, alright!! After reading everyone's posts, I have to give my thanks - not only for all the great tips, but for the warm welcome. We lived in Hawaii for three years, and miss that aloha spirit. I have a feeling we'll feel right at home on AC!

I started out looking at at all the resorts. Haven't gotten through them all, but the Axanadu had a package deal for a week that really looked interesting to us. We both want to come down to chill, of course, but we'd love to do some things to get to know the country and her people.

I used the word, "ritzy" before because some of the places I looked at were quite expensive - too much for us, anyway. When I look at a place like Cayo Espanto - well, folks - that's ritzy to me! Ha! Ha!

Lori, your promo was great - I will definitely check out your website and drop you an email. Doug's vacation starts on the 3rd of Feb, so I've got to get a move on. This month is going to go fast! Muchas Gracias everyone! Sleep tight! smile
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 01:47 PM

Have a great first trip! Xanadu is very nice - small, quiet, good deals, great pool. Another nearby place with lots for the price is Caribbean Villas - only 10 rooms and suites. The rooms are quite economical and you get the quietness, long-time staff great service, 2 acres, wildlife, beach, pier, etc. They are usually booked up early, so I don't know if you could still get in there. About a 12 minute walk to town for both Caribbean Villas and Xanadu.
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Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 03:55 PM

Nice, that music on that site got me going this the trickle down effect.
Posted By: Cat Wingate

Re: Digesting - 01/03/03 09:27 PM

Thanks, Sandy. Looking forward to getting down there, and away from all this stinkin' snow! We are probably going to go hang at Lattitudes, but I appreciate your advice. Trouble with our situation is that we almost always have to do things last minute, and Lori seems to be so nice and accomodating! -Cat
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