Camp Jerry Jeff

Posted By: kcwaterbug

Camp Jerry Jeff - 01/02/03 09:36 PM

Hey there, campers!! Please report on how Camp Jerry Jeff is for us fans that are stuck back here in the ice and snow...wish we were there!!
Posted By: lyndend

Re: Camp Jerry Jeff - 01/03/03 09:30 PM

Hey Waterbug, we leave tomorrow for our 3rd JJW trip. I can tell you in advance, there is nothing quite like being at a JJW show, sipping a cold Belikin, looking out at the moonlit Caribbean, with the warm trade winds blowing in your's just awful, I can't belive I put myself through this torture! (I'm just trying to make you feel better about not going). Actually, AC is so much fun, we don't even make all the shows anymore, but my 6 year old daughter (her first trip to AC), can't wait to see the guy that sings "Gringo in Belize". She makes me play it, and the JJW Xmas CD all year long while riding in the car, over and over and over......I'll give you an update.
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