water temp. & viz.

Posted By: skullyboy

water temp. & viz. - 01/05/03 06:31 AM

Can anybody tell me what the water temp. & visibility are this time of year?
Posted By: landlockedinNoDak

Re: water temp. & viz. - 01/05/03 07:20 AM

plus, how about the weather in general. Is there any site that has forecasts for AC? All I can find is Belize City. I'm assuming it's different on the island. Or is it? We'll be there in 10 days.


Posted By: Marty

Re: water temp. & viz. - 01/05/03 04:24 PM

theres a chart for water temp at:

as for weather, yeah, the forecasts are all for the mainland, can't tell a lot from those...

here's todays satellite view:
[Linked Image]

the satellite for this area is at:;product=CaribbeanHIRES&prodnav=none
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: water temp. & viz. - 01/05/03 05:03 PM

If you want direct weather information you can call the Belize Meteorology Department and get a recorded weather forecast every day. It has coastal, mainland and mountain forecasts along with sunrise, sunset, tides, sea conditions, etc. Phone from outside Belize by dialing:
As for water temps - I do not know of any service that tells you this one, nor visibities - perhaps you can contact a dive shop to see if they post such info.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: water temp. & viz. - 01/05/03 08:11 PM

We typically go this time of year (but not this year). Water temps have always been around 82 degrees, viz around a 100 feet.
Posted By: seashell

Re: water temp. & viz. - 01/09/03 04:43 AM

Water temp was a pretty consistent 81F for the past 3 weeks. I found viz to be poor this year. However, you can just never tell because it depends on what the weather has done.
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: water temp. & viz. - 01/09/03 05:06 PM

If you're diving, this is a good time of year for wet suits. and for weather; it seems easier to forecast cold fronts dropping from the US down to Belize than predicting summer showers and hurricanes. Take some long clothes for temps possibly in 60's/70's with clouds and wind.
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