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Singles on AC - 01/06/03 04:26 AM

We're planning to visit Belize for the first time in April, and our single, 20-something son is coming with us. I am looking for accommodations that will meet his needs as well as ours. None of us are party animals, but if I find a place that's "singles-friendly" he'd prefer it.

We're interested in Banana Beach, but I'm wondering if it's too far from town - should I stick to hotels right in San Pedro? Any suggestions would be welcome.
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Re: Singles on AC - 01/06/03 05:32 AM

Well, Bananas is the place to be.I have been to Bananas twice by myself and never found it to far from town or nor had a problem being single at Bananas, nothing is further than a 5 dollar taxi ride or a 20 minute beach walk. You will enjoy it, I have met plenty of singles there and familys with single daughters and sons in there 20's and no complaints there.
email me if you have any other questions:
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Re: Singles on AC - 01/08/03 05:32 AM

I again agree with Jackie. You can't go wrong with Banana Beach. You are just far enough from town (about a mile) to be away from the "hustle and bustle". (Not that San Pedro is really the hustle and bustle kind of town smile ) but you are close enough for a pleasant walk, a quick and reasonable taxi ride or you can rent a golf cart (the main form of transportation next to bicycles)from the hotel travel shop.
I have traveled to Banana Beach three times as a single and have always met new friends there without even trying and have seen plenty of singles in their 20's or younger who love the place. The staff is wonderful and the owner is the best you will ever meet. I always am in a major culture shock when I stay at a hotel/resort here at home compared to the service you will receive at Banana Beach. I think you would be extremely satisfied. I am considering another trip in April myself so perhaps I will see ya there. smile
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