Slow responses to emails?

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Slow responses to emails? - 01/07/03 05:42 AM

I've sent emails to several hotels in and near San Pedro, to make arrangements for our visit in a few months. I got responses from several places in a very short time, but nothing yet from a couple of the budget hotels. I have heard that the Internet service on the island used to have occasional outages - does that sort of thing still happen, or am I just having my first experience with wink Belize time?
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Re: Slow responses to emails? - 01/07/03 07:26 AM

In my experience running Changes In Latitude B&B,
a budget/moderate accommodation, I tend to deal with my email reservation requests in order of the closeness to the date of arrival.

Over Christmas and New Year's San Pedro's lodging is sold out and small operators are spending most of our time ensuring our guests are getting the most of their vacation by arranging tours and overseeing our day to day operations. We love to see the "Belizean Grin" that is acquired after a day or so in our little piece of paradise. My "need to answer" email file always gains a few entries as I adjust from "Manana mode" to "high season mode".

Also, keep in mind, that most budget places do not have many rooms and therefore don't have the funds necessary to have a full time "front desk" staff and one or two people are "running the show" as Belizeans say. I hope that you can have patience with us and try forwarding your original email request if you need to make your reservation immediately and you have not received a prompt reply.

Regardless of where you stay, the warmth of the weather and the people will be what you remember most!
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Re: Slow responses to emails? - 01/07/03 03:41 PM

No trouble getting a response on this BB! smile Thanks. I'll just wait a few more days, then try again.
It's really nice that a busy B&B keeper takes time to help out newcomers - my first taste of the friendliness of Belize.
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Re: Slow responses to emails? - 01/08/03 02:19 AM

yes, there are vanishing emails the last few days. things sent to a couple days ago are arriving now or not quite yet.

that's the best way i can describe it. send your message again. also, that phone is not that expensive in a pinch! If its something super timely....
Posted By: Mel S

Re: Slow responses to emails? - 01/09/03 07:40 PM

One place a enjoy staying is the Del Rio Hotel, and they do send quik e-mail. Sometimes it is the Changes and latitudes of tropical cultures. The manana, manana philosephy, and the Soon come Soon mon comes slow. best-wishes mel.....
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Re: Slow responses to emails? - 01/09/03 09:09 PM

Hey Lorie girl is that you answering Chgs in Lat e-mail? It's Susie, hope to see you and that funny guy soon (ahh not soon enough, it will probably be April)!
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Re: Slow responses to emails? - 01/10/03 04:04 AM

Yes, Susie, it's Lori.

I guess my "handle" is not very anonymous! I have decided to post now and again to prove to the doubters that I am still alive. All my disposable income goes to BTL, BEL and WASA, so I have to save my dinero by not hiring extra help. You know me, quite happy to be a "prisoner in paradise" tending my interesting guests, and quaffing a few brewskies with those locals who have discovered it is sacrilegious for a Canuck not to have beer in her "refrig". I may be housebound but my doors open to an unbelievable daytime seaview and nighttime moonglow. Beats looking at the wall of snow in the windows of my past! I've committed to a rare public appearance tomorrow at BC's Friday Happy Hour as Charlene has been asking my guests to take a photo of me as she is doubting I still exist! Looking forward to April and I will tell our laughing friend you said hi. When ever I have a bit of frustration I think of one of his "isms" and count my blessings that the hair in my nostrils is not freezing as I shovel out my driveway!

Good to hear from you, all the best for the new year!
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Re: Slow responses to emails? - 01/13/03 05:28 PM

Lorie, I myself find it hard to believe you are making a public appearance. So by April, you should be ready to make another one--maybe if I can get you to come to BC's with me, Bruce will finally tell me if there is indeed really a 'bill thornton'.
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