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Posted By: kippe

News from the Free Music School - 11/17/03 01:31 AM

The Free Music school of Belize needs, more than anything else, a keyboard and a computer. Any kind of sheet music and of course instruments are desperately needed as well. Some of you might know "Miss Kate", better known as the "Chocolate Lady". She was kind enough to show up on Saturday and had a really good seassion with the kids, thanks Kate for fitting the school into your allready very busy schedule. For you that do not know Kate, she plays keyboard and sings and volunteers at one of the schools here in SP plus she makes wonderful chocolate. Indeed a lovely and busy lady.
Posted By: kerry

Re: News from the Free Music School - 11/17/03 09:39 AM

hi kippe....i have a computer that i can's an "e-machines" running windows "me edition"...i upgraded to an "xp"...i have the other up and running in my guest room....if everything goes as planned, i will be moving to belize in may....let me know what to do....should i bring it, or how can we get it to them sooner???
also, i have an antique "pearl in-laid" is in need of there anyone that knows how to repair violins??? it's really a beautiful piece....i would be happy to donate that, as well....another possibility of a guitar...but i would have to check with someone else on that, before i commit to it....keep me posted.... kerry smile
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Re: News from the Free Music School - 11/18/03 05:42 AM

We have a keyboard that has buttons for drums and all kinds of stuff. If anyone from Colorado is going to San Pedro in the next week and can bring it down you can have it. Otherwise it's moving to far away to ship...
Posted By: kippe

Re: News from the Free Music School - 11/18/03 06:35 AM

Guys, thank you so much, exciting news, especially about the computer and the keyboard. My kid is coming for Christmas, but he is allready loaded with stuff. I am trying to find somebody to carry a keyboard as well, a small one, anybody from Eastern PA coming? Again please feel free to e-mail me directly: [email protected] Oh, and Kate had so much fun with the kids, she is now full-time, i.e. every Saturday morning! Great news! If anybody is willing and able to bring anything down, just e-mail me and I will make sure somebody is at the airport/ferry to give thanks and take the stuff off your hands!
Posted By: kippe

Re: News from the Free Music School - 11/18/03 06:46 AM

Forgot, Dr Jackson plays the violin, will ask him about repairs. Also, am in the process of finding out if things can be shipped for free. I know the regular schools receive donations and shipping is free port to port, but we are not sure if the music school qualifies. Will let you know as soon as I find out.LOL, am now off for Dangriga and the grand Garifuna day celebration there! Am very excited! And think recorders, we need twenty for St.Peter's academy!
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Re: News from the Free Music School - 11/18/03 04:56 PM


If we come up with stuff....

Where do we drop it off on the Island??

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