Posted By: lacole

dancing - 03/31/04 06:30 AM

Besides Punta and salsa what other dances do locals do on the island? Meringue? I don't want to go to san pedro and not know how to do a little something.
Posted By: RobertE

Re: dancing - 03/31/04 05:21 PM


Don't worry. There are many guys out there more than willing to show you how to Punta. Just go to Wet Willies on Wednesday night. A buddy of mine jokingly says Punta translates to "dry hump a tourist"

It is a very high energy, rump shaking, hip grinding dance that takes its roots from courtship and fertility dances from African countries and is big among the Garifuna culture and all of Belize.

Just get out there and shake your booty and it will be all good as they say : ) !
Posted By: cpn

Re: dancing - 03/31/04 07:36 PM

RobertE is right. Just get out there and dance like no one is watching. It doesn't matter what you do, just have a good time doing it!
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