Mennonite's 50th Anniversary in Belize

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Mennonite's 50th Anniversary in Belize - 03/20/08 04:23 AM

From Hardship to Success
Celebrating the Mennonite's 50th Anniversary in Belize

Belize is home to over 10 diverse, friendly English-speaking cultures living
in harmony. Each culture has their traditions and times of celebrations in
which the whole country participate.

Between February 28th and March 2nd 2008, the Mennonite community at Spanish
Lookout in the Cayo district of Belize celebrated their 50th anniversary of
living, working and contributing to the development of Belize.

The members of this community belong to a modern sect which utilizes state
of the art machinery and are an integral part of the Belizean economy in a
variety of ways - poultry and dairy farming, suppliers of hardware,
equipment and parts; and efficient land clearing are only a few of their
contributions. The carefully planned and executed celebrations incorporated
a wealth of history and skills including demonstrations of the difference in
the way things were done 50 years ago as compared to today; singing, tours
and contests such as a tractor pull. On hand were the new Prime Minister of
Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow and the recently elected and first Mennonite in the
Belizean National Assembly, Hon. Elvin Penner.

Click on the link below to share excerpts from the anniversary program
followed by a slide show of some 100 images.
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Re: Mennonite's 50th Anniversary in Belize - 03/20/08 01:34 PM

The Mennonites in Blue Creek celebrated the same the weekend before.
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Re: Mennonite's 50th Anniversary in Belize - 03/20/08 02:28 PM

That slide show is a wonderful collection of photos. Thanks Tony...
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