Book Presentation: Nómadas del Sur

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Book Presentation: Nómadas del Sur - 11/29/08 04:01 AM

Book Presentation: Nómadas del Sur
Raúl Arístides
Embassy of Mexico in Belmopan
4 December 2008

More than just a love story goes hand in hand with the history of a region in southeastern Mexico in this first fiction novel of Raul Aristides. Set in the early decades of the last century in the Yucatan Peninsula on the perimeter that includes the British Honduras (now Belize) and Chetumal (Payo Obispo) Nómadas del Sur rebuilds an entire time of a territory with profound cultural ties and rarely given its importance and bordering on marginalization.

The author explores the figure of his grandfather Eulogio Pérez (the main character) to recreate the family saga and the identity of two towns that despite a confusing boundary line shared the benefits of its geography and adverse history.

Aristides manages to portray the constant clashes between the dissatisfied descendants of the Mayans, the mestizos and whites, resulting from colonization: the rise of trade from exploiting natural resources, arms trafficking, conflicts over the demarcation of the boundary between the two countries, and the mobilization of hundreds of refugees from both sides of the border.

Nómadas del Sur (originally titled Los Ecos Nómadas) won an honorable mention in the Latin American First Novel Award Sergio Galindo 2007 organized by the University of Veracruz.

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