Chacmool Arts by Roberto Guerrero

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Chacmool Arts by Roberto Guerrero - 09/12/09 09:42 AM

Amazing Sculptures
Chacmool Arts by Roberto Guerrero

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There are many local artists on the island and their talent and work can be seen almost everywhere. You can find local artisans along Barrier Reef Drive displaying and selling their work and you can even find some wood carvers along the beach side selling their products.

This week we happened to pass by the Boca Del Rio and were intrigued by the work of Roberto Guerrero. Mr. Guerrero showed us a great Blue Marlin that he carved out of Mahogany which also has two Dorado’s at the foot of the carving. Mr. Guerrero told us that it took him about four months to finish the Blue Marlin and that it has eyes made out of Black Coral and that it is polished, not varnished.

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His latest work of art is another magnificent animal of Belize, the Jaguar. It will take him about two weeks to finish carving the body but an additional two or three months just to add the Jaguar’s spots which will consist of intricately placed Black Coral polishings throughout the entire body. Both items are for sale and anyone interested in purchasing either of these two items or both can contact Mr. Guerrero at 226-3529 or 600-7518.
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