Posted By: Barnacle

jehovas - 03/09/11 08:01 PM

is it just placencia or is the rest of the country seeing a HUGE increase of the door-to-door witness's?
Posted By: seashell

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 08:27 PM

For what it is worth, a friend of mine in San Pedro, told me a few months back that the door-to-doors had made a number of approaches.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 08:28 PM

They come by my house but between the "Warning, Bad Dog" sign and the barking rottweiler, they hurry on by...
Posted By: Relaxed

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 08:36 PM

No you are correct.............there are more solicitations
Posted By: SimonB

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 10:04 PM

They came to my door the other day took one look at me and said it's okay and left smile
Posted By: champion

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 10:30 PM

Originally Posted by SimonB
They came to my door the other day took one look at me and said it's okay and left smile

Damn Simon, you must be one scary looking dude!
Posted By: ckocian

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 11:05 PM

It's witness season.
Posted By: klcman

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 11:14 PM

getting close to their version of Easter.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: jehovas - 03/09/11 11:42 PM

I find that a Buddha statue works wonders.
Posted By: ron

Re: jehovas - 03/10/11 02:48 AM

We don't get many on the north island of Caye Caulker.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: jehovas - 03/10/11 04:02 AM

Crocs get 'em on the way....
Posted By: Phil

Re: jehovas - 03/13/11 05:51 PM

I had some Gringo Jehova knock on my door a few years back and I just asked them if they'd like me coming to their home and trying to sell them that God is a figment of mans imagination as there are things his small brain can't comprehend and he needs an answer, so he created God. They left.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: jehovas - 03/13/11 06:02 PM

I heard a story about a JW knocking on a door and having the resident say, "Come on in, what did you want to tell me?"

To which the JW responded - "Gee, I don't know what to say, I've never gotten this far before!"
Posted By: ron

Re: jehovas - 03/13/11 07:46 PM

I'm waiting for the croc to come with bible in mouth ready to give another sinner the word. Although we are now getting power so maybe it will be easier to see the light.
Posted By: steambeaver

Re: jehovas - 03/13/11 11:03 PM

My JW friends stop by about every 3 months to see how I'm doing and we bs about sports, weather, and not about religion, they are a local father and son and are really nice guys.
On their first visit they found out I have taken most of the religious studies and philosophy of religion classes here at the U of I.
I found that as my book of knowledge grew my envelope of faith shrank. I would not try to persuade anyone that we are in a very soon time of an apocalyptic crisis, which is usually their pertinent message. I'm glad I studied such a variety of world religions, I no longer feel harassed or intimidated by JW's or Mormans and now greet them with a smile, and they often seem anxious to leave after listening to some of the thing I'll bring up:)

I'd like to taste the whole grain of truth before it is ground by the millstones of reason......good luck with that, huh.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: jehovas - 03/13/11 11:09 PM

I only discuss religion with my dog. He seems to have the right outlook on life.
Posted By: elbert

Re: jehovas - 03/13/11 11:17 PM

I've heard if you not worried about rent, bills, politics, religion and have no anxiety at all
your probably a dog!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: jehovas - 03/13/11 11:40 PM way to live!
Posted By: steambeaver

Re: jehovas - 03/14/11 12:05 AM

Some, but not all would prefer the spelling of dog backwards.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: jehovas - 03/14/11 02:11 AM

Steambeaver, LDS ?
Posted By: steambeaver

Re: jehovas - 03/14/11 06:49 AM

I studied at a non secular college, and am non denominational.

I do not approach people about their beliefs, but I do try to respond respectively and intelligently if they try to push theirs onto me.

The problem with fundamentalim is those guys are scary.

My dog is a great listener too but he has trouble with his S's and T's smile
Posted By: Cayemen

Re: jehovas - 03/14/11 04:16 PM

My god is better as your god, what a funny world.

The very funny thing with the churches here in Belize, they all believe in the same christian good, but they are in so much competition, that they really forget there believe and whats all about live.

For them, missionary is a question of life and dead,
and they so busy with the selling of soul saving programs, that there is no time to care about real daily life problems like violence, alcoholism, drug abuse or just cleaning the garbage from the yard.

Reading and understanding is not the same...
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: jehovas - 03/14/11 04:31 PM

Kinda like political parties eh?
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