Fairweather's Missing Book Of Genesis

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Fairweather's Missing Book Of Genesis - 04/18/11 01:52 PM

An original and thought-provoking look at the history of Creation

Review by Harry Lawrence

The Missing Book of Genesis is an in-depth study by  Belizean writer, Stephen Fairweather who came into national prominence  with his first book more than a decade ago on the Baymen of Belize.  

This new book, seventeen years in the making, summarizes and explains the findings of a man who has been obsessed with learning the truth about the universe, the  miracle of creation and the meaning of life.

His  conclusion after spending years in the wilderness searching for answers, is that  creation could only have come from God, because matter cannot beget intelligence. Matter can beget matter, Matter can beget energy, but only intelligence can beget intelligence.

Fairweather rejects  the theory of  humans evolving from matter.  He reasons that while matter may have evolved from the Big Bang, the  order and symmetry and intelligence of the universe point convincingly to the same Supreme Intelligence that created man.

The writer acknowledges the divinity of Jesus Christ the Redeemer, but he argues that organized religion has helped to obscure the truth about Man, his mission on earth and his relationship with God.

The over-arching mission of Jesus during his pilgrimage on earth was to show love -- love for mankind and love for the Father who sent Him. 

Fairweather’s  independent studies led him to other conclusions, among them, the conclusion that the  man and the woman who gave birth to the human family  were children of light, part of the Divine family before their fall from grace. They  were  not born on Earth, but were transported here after their sin of disobedience. The Earth is not their true home, and they are in fact, aliens on Earth.

The most urgent  need of mankind is to  respond to God’s love and to share it with mankind. In this way mankind will be drawn nearer to the Creator of all things and eventually find his way back home to the Kingdom of light because love has the power to transform all men.

Stephen Fairweather shows himself to be an avid and conscientious  researcher who wants to think for himself instead of having others tell him what to believe.

He relies heavily on the Bible as the inspired Word of God, but he also relies on a little known set of revelations which he discovered in October 2003 from “a young Hispanic lady who  sold him a  book  called “The Creation.”

 In this book Jesus speaks to  Mercedes Miranda, a 21st century prophet in Chile, in a series of first person revelations. These discourses reveal  Jesus more clearly than ever before with His enduring  message of love.  

Fairweather  himself was inspired to write about Jesus and the mystery of creation  after an angel whose blinding light filled his room, instructed him to write, using the revelations contained in the Creation Book by Mercedes Miranda.

A trip to the web page of Mercedes Miranda reveals that this Chilean woman has written more than 15 books about her spiritual encounter with Jesus.           

Her books have been translated into  Spanish, French, German, Portugese and Greek, as well as English. In these books she tells of the immense love which Jesus, the Redeemer has for mankind, and shares the many revelations which she has received.

Stephen Fairweather is clearly inspired by the messages coming from Mercedes Miranda, to the extent where he himself has begun to receive messages from an angel who also bids him to write.

Among his most    profound discoveries the writer found, is that God is divine energy. It is this Divine Energy that created matter, and it is the same Divine energy that created the human race.

This matter will eventually go back to the matter from whence it came. But mankind, created by the intelligence of divine energy is destined to go back to God, the source of  that divine energy.

Stephen Fairweather  believes that his  Miss ing Book of Genesis  has the power to change men’s lives and to reconcile the findings of Science with the  Eternal Truth, which is God.

The beginning

Here are two extracts from Fairweather’s  Missing Book of Genesis:

God created  the man and the woman who gave origin to the human family.

The only task of these two very recent beings  was to bring together  in love a perfect being of light and this way continue to be a part of the divine family.....

“As maturing beings of light the instant they disobeyed God’s Law of the Kingdom, there was an explosion within these beings like millions of suns. The explosion created the change of state and transformed the two beings of light into beings of density (compact mass) and darkness.

“From great beings of light they fell into  weakness and fragility. From free beings they fell into mental slavery and darkness.....!

“As a consequence a long period of degradation  began. This degradation chain was characterized by serious problems, horrible pain and absolute mental darkness.

These beings lost all their freedom since they remained trapped in the self-destructive process they had created, resulting in a great loss of energy. “The lost energy was used  for the creation of the unverse in general and of the Earth in particular.”

The Transformation

“Humans have always had the spiritual capacity to love. However that power has never been realized because it has never been recognized for what it is.                 .     

“The change from divine energy to particle and inferior energy did not change  the character of energy. Energy is a moving force, therefore everything within creation and above is a force....  

“The understanding of how to create divine energy must begin with the recognition that that each human possesses the capability to generate divine energy. the story of how and where man came into possession of this divine gift goes back to the first two humans who were originally beings of light and lost their divine condition.

“What was left of their divine condition was inherited by their descendants and includes the invisible gift of the spirit.”

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