Youthful You-tubers, “Come Een!”

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Youthful You-tubers, “Come Een!” - 06/22/11 02:17 PM

These days it seems just about everyone has a cell phone camera or some recording device. Well, the Belize Audio Visual Industry Association - known as Bavia - believes many of those camera ready youth could be Belize's future film-makers. Along with the Belize International Film Festival, BAVIA will be launching a high school video competition entitled "Show Me". The competition is open to students currently enrolled at any high school throughout the country or recent graduates -in hopes of spurring interest in the audio visual field. Acting president of BAVIA, Javier Molina told 7news more.

Javier Molina, Acting president of BAVIA
"This initiative is pretty much to get high schoolers who are on vacation now a chance to show us their skills - to show us what they have in terms of video production, so it's basically it's just to see what's out there, to see what the talent pool has to offer. They are going to have 3 categories and they sign up to be a part of the competition and on July 1st the launch of the competition is when they will find out what the categories are so they can't cheat ahead of time - so it's fair and we will basically just give them all the rules - all the regulations on that date and then they have two weeks and on the 14th we are going to be closing off at 5 and that when the deadline for submissions is going to be."

Monica Bodden
"Now I understand this is the first time you guys are doing something as such. How did the idea actually came about?"

Javier Molina, Acting president of BAVIA
"Actually it came about because I do a little bit of traveling and in one of my travels abroad I heard of a competition pretty around the same subject and the same theme for high schoolers and I thought that would be a really good idea for us to try in Belize and so when came home I spoke about it with some of my colleagues and they thought it was a good idea too and so we partner along with SMART and Belize Film Festival and so the winners are going to be showcase during the film festival as well."

Monica Bodden
"You think at this day and sage most high schoolers have a gadget for videoing?"

Javier Molina, Acting president of BAVIA
"I think they do actually. Which is why we open it, we wanted them to be creative - its open to their cell phone - to a still camera that shoots video, it could be any video camera, and we don't want to limit them at all. Most people have video on their phones and so we want to open it up so that as much people can participate."

The launching of the competition will be held on June 20. Registration can be done online at or by emailing [email protected]

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