Belizean clowns in Mexico

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Belizean clowns in Mexico - 10/19/11 01:33 PM

Mexico Hosts International Clown Convention

Mexico is hosting the 16th International Clown Convention, a gathering of nearly 1,000 clowns from Latin America and the United States, clown organizer Llantom told Efe.

The event, also known as the Laughter Fair, runs until Thursday and features meetings, workshops and contests, among other activities.

Clowns will compete at inflating balloons, acting, performances for children, the champion of champions event and the five-minute routine.

Mime, juggling, children's games, bands, costume and make-up competitions are also being held.

Clowns from Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize, the United States and Mexico are attending the convention, where they can discuss their experiences at meetings and workshops.

One of the most anticipated events is the parade of clowns through the streets of Mexico City on Wednesday.

The conventioneers will attempt on that day to break their own world record of 15 minutes of continuous laughter.

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Mexico City welcomes 16th annual international clown convention

Mexico City will make for a strange sight this week as hundreds of clowns don their red noses for the 16th annual international clown convention.

Approximately 500 clowns are expected to congregate at Jimenez Rueda theatre in Mexico City for the colourful meeting, which is to run until October 20.

All attendees sport full clown get-up for the event, with the majority hailing from Peru, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, as well as Mexico.

The funny men and women congregate in Mexico City each year in a bid to make the rest of the world take the art of clowning seriously.

The street performers use the convention to swap skills, tips and show off their comedy talents.

Clowns at the meet get to take the weight off their comically-oversized feet and watch others in the business perform to pick up new tricks, in an attempt to maintain high standards of clowning.

Mexico is a perfect location to hold a clown convention, with the colourful performers being extremely important to the life and culture of the nation.

However, the life of a clown may not be as fun as it seems, with most professional clowns performing on the streets for small amounts of money.

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