Maya Mystic A Huge Success

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Maya Mystic A Huge Success - 05/10/12 02:14 PM

This past Friday a new cultural show that displayed an array of artistic dances and performances, took over the Banquitas House of Culture.

The event lit up the night with never before seen cultural dramatization that brought forth the revival of the Mayan Culture in Belize. The show, entitled “The Maya Mystic Past”, was choreographed and brought to life by Gabriel Garcia who is well known for bringing new ideas and Belizean talent into perspective.

Screen_shot_2012-05-08_at_8.03.55_PMGabriel Garcia, Gabriel’s Magix

“It was a cultural event giving honour to our Mayan Ancestors. It came out as planned; we had a good response of the audience. We had an opportunity to do the a mini tour with this performance. Being the first time that we did this I think it went well. If in the future we plan to do something else it will not be Maya. This year we prompted the Maya since it is the year of the Mayan Calendar so if we do have some other cultural activities it will have to be promoting other cultures but still in the Gabriels Magixs creativity and style.”

While the spectacle of cultural performances was an exciting venture for the audience, it also brought along several opportunities for new shows to be developed in Belize.

Gabriel Garcia, Gabriel’s Magix

“It was trilling to see that the audience was into the entire show because we explained everything in dance form yet it was understood due to the drama, dances and performances we had. It was a really great show something new for the audience of Orange Walk. It was breath taking due to the exquisite costumes and I already have been invited to do the show in other parts of Belize. The most important message of this show was the promotion of the Mayan Ancestors, the idea of how something very cultural could becoming something very interesting not only for the adults but for the kids. It was show full of colour, creativity and talent.”

Garcia is already preparing for the September Celebrations. Anyone interested in forming part of the carnival group can contact him at 650-6186.


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