Belizean Reggaeton at its Peak!

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Belizean Reggaeton at its Peak! - 04/11/13 11:47 AM

Lo Que Siento Por Ti by Chami-Ka featuring Melonie Gillett Official Video

Just when you thought Reggaeton was dead in Belize, along comes 'Lo Que Siento Por Ti' just to give us a kind refresher that Belize got talent by the bunch. Excellent video, cool production.

Lo Que Siento Por Ti Music Video - Chami-Ka featuring Melonie Gillett. Reggaeton Music. Shot in beautiful Belize at Robert's Grove Beach Resort.
Director: Melonie Gillett
Production by: 3D Prototype Animation and Metamorph Creatives

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Re: Belizean Reggaeton at its Peak! - 04/13/13 11:11 AM

Melonie’s Epic New Vid

Not too long ago, locally produced music videos used to be a big deal: they were costly to produce and only a few people could do it. But nowadays, it seems anyone with a cell phone camera and a PC Laptop can get their video on.

But even amidst all that rush of content songstress Melonie Gillett has remained above the fray of the everyday music video. She’s earned a reputation for producing epic music videos with world class visuals, comparable to anything you’d see on VH1 or MTV. Two days ago she released her latest, called ““LO QUE SIENTO POR TI”. It’s her first Spanish recording and she did it with an accomplished reggaeton artist, Chami-Ka. They told us about the song and the video today.

Melonie Gillette, Singer, Music Video Director
"I called it my introduction into the Spanish - the Latin market and so we are now moving from Belize outside into Honduras. Actually the video is being played in Honduras on TeleCeiba as we speak and they are working on other television stations. We are getting - bookings interviews in Mexico, Chetumal initially and then we move out from there and of course El Salvador and every other Latin country we're going to try - mainly Central American countries we'll start with and move up from there."

Chami-ka Reggaeton Performer/ songwriter
"The radio stations in Melchor and Flores are playing the track. Most radio stations in Belize are supporting it and have been playing it. It was a great opportunity; it was a great experience to collaborate with Melonie. She's very talented, I have a lot of respect for her talent, for her music - she has always been consistently producing international standard music and music videos. So when she contacted me, I was in awe - this is good!

In the video we showed that there was this couple that had a relationship and one day she intercepted a message on his phone and that caused the relationship to break. Eventually they both reminisce and remember all the good times they shared together and how much they appreciate each other. Eventually they got back together with each other and they forgive and forget.”

The track is available free via soundcloud and the music video is on youtube. Melonie tells u that since she posted it two days ago, she’s gotten ten thousand views.

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