Hammock Making

Posted By: Marty

Hammock Making - 09/07/18 12:23 PM

This short Belize film documents the all but dying traditional Maya art of weaving hammocks from the fibers of the agave plant.

The weaving of hammocks is an art in the Maya culture that must be harnessed by years of practice. Here is a short clip of Mr. Emilio Choco preparing to weave a hammock.

Posted By: Marty

Re: Hammock Making - 01/25/21 05:55 PM

Hammock making utilizing the henequin cactus with Emilio Choco of San Miguel Village in Toledo. Alil history how to make hammok and champa..

Posted By: Kylie

Re: Hammock Making - 02/02/21 04:14 PM

Very interesting, thank you for the video, informative!
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