Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Balance - 05/23/08 05:00 PM

I am so proud all those folks, locals and foreigners, who are so concerned about the island, it's sustainable development and the balance of the ecosystem here that they talk the talk and especially walk the walk (usually with a foam "to go" container in their hand).

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Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:09 PM

Tried using my pockets but it got too messy.
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Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:15 PM

It is a unique characteristic that is developed by those of us who consider work to be a four letter word. wink
Posted By: reaper

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:21 PM

SIN, are you referring to the many folks here that helped with the trash can project? Or the ones that have helped clean up Holy Cross School. Or the ones that clean an entire couple of acres each year. Or the ones that have donated money for trash bags. Or the ones that built a new classroom at RC School. Or the folks here that have donated medical supplies, time and effort to the health and welfare of the folks on AC?
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:23 PM

Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:26 PM

No sir.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:31 PM

SIN, i love you, but...

since nothing but a styrofoam container is offered to me, i have no choice but to have that container. that said, be assured it is disposed of properly by us. if it was recyclable, and bz recycled, you better believe we'd have done it. i dont even throw my butts in the road there, as i've been guilty of here.

but last year, you and i both questioned where all the sewage/rubbish was going to go when all these condos/hotels are built, and the influx of folks who want to go to florida without paying florida prices come.

so, where is it all gonna go? and why are you pointing fingers at those of us who DO come and drop tons of $$ and DO respect the island and its people?

the issue is NOT whether to develop and progress, it is the method in which it is being done.

Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:45 PM

I have a foam container sitting on my desk, guilty as charged.

It is easy for people to jump onto the most recent band wagon, grab a pitch fork, and attack developers and developments (informed or not).

Regardless of the argument, with both sides having pros and cons, one's personal practices bear witness to their convictions especially when involving conveniences.


Posted By: Scott Kick

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 05:52 PM

Gads! I've been trying to buy as little garbage that will end up in the dump as possible, and recycling containers of all kinds. Still there are things that you just can't recycle here. I buy sauces, mustard, ect, in glass jars because those can be reused. I don't use paper towels, and re use plastic bags over and over and I still feel guilty about what I'm adding to the dump here!

Anyone have any other recycling tricks?
Posted By: Hammer

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 07:01 PM

How about a re-usable shopping bag instead of plastic? I use mine all the time at Trader Joe's.

Or how about the fact that in Europe they charge for each grocery bag that you want?
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 07:13 PM

a lot of cities/towns/countries have already banned plastic bags.

we usually end up with a LOT of water bottles and jugs. we try and refill when possible. when we leave, i just hate tossing them out, but no one would take them.

i never thought of it before, but one could take some nesting plastic containers & lids to the vendors and ask them to put the to-go food into them instead of the styrofoam & plastic. awkward for tourists, but maybe ok for residents. i might just do that next time we go.

Posted By: azbob

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 08:14 PM

At least Belikin's charges a deposit and recycles their bottles.(Yes, I know they re-use the bottles up to 10 times, so good business), but can you imagine the mess if they didn't?
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 08:30 PM

I use those zip loc and gladware reusable (supposedly disposable) to-go tupperware. I reuse til they discolour or melt. I take them to the restaurants and they are happy to place my meals in those containers. I don't always remember to do this though.

Posted By: kris48

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 08:40 PM

Someone could make some money printing up the cloth shopping bags. I know I would buy a few to use there, then bring them home to use here.
Posted By: RI Beth

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 08:43 PM

The Greenhouse has the cloth shopping bags for sale.
Posted By: suecate

Re: Balance - 05/23/08 08:56 PM

Our supermarkets are now giving you 5 to 10 cents back for every reusable cloth shopping bags. I am going to bring them this time since we collected way to many plastic bags. We used them for wrapping our souvenirs and anything that can leak.

We were at dinner at one of the restaurants on the beach and I proudly watched my children picking up the trash on the beach without anyone telling them.

These little things they learn just because they want to keep their favorite place clean and beautiful. Lessons can be learned from the younger crowd.

As far as the developers making a mess I don't disagree that they need to be kept in check. But at the risk of being politically incorrect we walked through San Mateos and the developers are not the ones throwing the garbage in the front yards. No reason not to clean up your own trash no matter who you are or where you live or your economic situation.
Posted By: Scott Kick

Re: Balance - 05/24/08 05:32 PM

Thanks! I actually forgot that I brought one! It folds into it'self so you can put it in your pocket and go!
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