RE-Chargeable Batteries

Posted By: flip flop

RE-Chargeable Batteries - 06/11/08 09:46 PM

I think Re-chargeable batteries are a great idea. We currently use a recharger that does AA and AAA at the same time, any combination of 4.

The old rechargers were huge. This one is small - about the size of your palm.

Better on the pocketbook and sooo much better for the environment. Can you imagine how many dead batteries sit in our garbage dumps?

Posted By: tacogirl

Re: RE-Chargeable Batteries - 06/12/08 06:15 PM

So true flip flop they are such a good investment.

I keep hoping mine will turn up again. we bought a nice panasonic charger and extra batteries and they somehow got lost in a black hole at my cousin's house.

I told her when she finds them she has to come and hand deliver lol.
Posted By: flip flop

Re: RE-Chargeable Batteries - 06/15/08 05:05 PM


They have rechargers on ebay. I found one that was only $1!!!!
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: RE-Chargeable Batteries - 06/16/08 01:21 PM

smile never thought to check there flipflop. I was still hoping mine would turn up one day lol.
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