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Posted By: raymond

Check out our site - 08/23/08 12:31 AM

Hi my name is Raymond I'm from and we offer bio-degradable products like to go boxes, plates, cups, dinner napkins, toilet paper etc. We use sugarcane fibers. So when they cut off the sugarcane to get sugar they crush up the sugarcane pulp and then it turned into sugarcane fibers and they just throw that away. That's where we come in and take that agricultural waste and turn into a bio-degradable product. So if your interested come by our site.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Check out our site - 08/23/08 02:37 AM

I've heard you have biodegradable take out containers and have recommended you to a number of restaurants. Good for you.
Posted By: Caye Connect

Re: Check out our site - 08/24/08 03:54 PM

If only we could get them into the country without paying 30-50% duty (Chinese Styrofoam is just so cheap) Or buy some of Belize's sugarcane pulp - not sure how much is produced here anymore.

Best thing is to figure out a way to produce those items locally - couldn't be that hard - then export to Mexico and Guatemala (and the US). Helps with jobs and the environment.

These products are great - but this is a poor country - leaders unfortunately don't see environmental preservation as important as their own mighty dollar. The eco-friendly, expensive resorts can afford these things now, but it is important for the average takeout place to have a sane choice when it comes to choosing green products over crap. We need to subsidize the importation (and/or production) of green products.
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